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Texas Power Plant Co-Owned By Utility With Retail Choice To Permanently Close
AEP announced that it will permanently close the Oklaunion Power Station by Sept. 30, 2020, citing adverse market conditions AEP Texas (formerly AE...
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Claim: Texas Retail Providers "Under No Obligation" To Pass-Through TDU Tax Cut Savings
In the Houston Chronicle, L.M. Sixel reviews the issue of TDU rate tax cut savings (or any TDU rate savings) and whether such savings will flow to ret...
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Chron: REPs Add Hundreds Of Plans To Spanish Power to Choose Site
In the Houston Chronicle, L.M. Sixel notes that after the Texas PUC initially pulled hundreds of plans from the Power to Choose site for not having th...
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Chron: 221 Retail Provider Plans Removed From Power to Choose
The Houston Chronicle's L.M. Sixel reports that 221 offers from retail electric providers were removed from the Texas Power to Choose site for fai...
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Texas Solar Provider Marketing "Free Power For a Year"
Austin-based solar provider and installer Alba Energy has launched a promotion for homeowners in Texas under which anyone who signs up for a new solar...
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Texas REP Sales Agent: Power to Choose Site "Is The Enemy"
L.M. Sixel in the Houston Chronicle takes a look at retail electricity sales conducted at storefronts and other physical locations in physical retail ...
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Texas Wind Project Among Those To Be Acquired By NextEra Energy Partners
NextEra Energy Partners, LP announced that it has entered into an agreement with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC to acquire a geographi...
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Texas PUC Executive Director Issues Notice Of Violation Against 'Energy' Telemarketer
The executive director of the Public Utility Commission of Texas has issued a Notice of Violation against telemarketer Energy First, arising from alle...
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SMU Academic Says ERCOT Needs Capacity Market
In an op-ed published on, Bernard L. Weinstein, Associate Director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute, claims that a "capacity charge" in ...
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Chron: Are Retail Providers' Promotions Worth It?
Houston Chronicle columnist L.M. Sixel takes the opportunity prompted by a recent Reliant offer via Southwest Airlines, which offers bonus miles for e...
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ERCOT Seeks Data From Retail Providers On Dynamic Pricing, Demand Response
ERCTO has sought updated data from REPs on dynamic pricing and Demand response-related products, detailing the process in a Market Notice PUC Subst...
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Report: Exxon Seeking 100-250 MW of Renewable Power in Texas
Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter, that Exxon is seeking 100 to 250 MW of renewables in Texas See Bloomberg for the story...
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7X To Sell Texas Solar Power Plant
Duke Energy Renewables Solar, LLC ("DER") and 7X Energy, Inc. applied at the Texas PUC for authorization of a transaction under which DER will acquire...
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KPRC: "New" Electricity Company Claims It Has Lowest Price In Texas
KPRC ran a story on Griddy (whose launch as first reported a year ago by and its membership/wholesale cost pass-through model...
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Dallas Morning News Watchdog Opposes End Of Rate Postings On Texas Power to Choose
Dave Lieber, Watchdog columnist for the Dallas Morning News, wrote a column opposing an end to the posting of retail electric provider pricing on the ...
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