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New TEPCO Retail Supplier To Offer Solar, Storage To Retail Supply Customers In Japan
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO) announced today the launch of TRENDE Inc., an online renewable energy retailer selling electricity...
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Sunrun Launches Solar Plus Storage In Massachusetts
Sunrun Inc is expanding its Brightbox home solar battery service to Massachusetts. Sunrun said that introductory pricing for the wall mounted Bright...
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NY PSC Greenlights Battery Storage Systems for Con Edison's Customers
The New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) approved a first-ever plan that will allow Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. to...
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FERC Rules Storage In RTOs Should Be Charged LMPs For Energy Charging For Resale
FERC issued a final order governing the participation of storage resources in organized markets. FERC's final rule requires each jurisdictional RTO t...
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Language Drafted For Order To Dismiss AEP Texas Battery Storage Proposal
Commission Advising at the Public Utility Commission of Texas have posted a draft order that would dismiss AEP Texas' application to install two batte...
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ENGIE North America Announces Largest Utility-Scale Energy Storage Installation in Massachusetts
ENGIE North America and Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E) today announced plans for the largest utility-scale energy storage installation in Massachusetts...
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ENGIE Sub Installs Its Largest Single Site Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage System
Green Charge, an ENGIE Company, announced that diagnostic healthcare manufacturer Quidel Corporation has deployed 1.5 MWh of energy storage at its San...
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CPower Announces Partnership With Storage Provider To Offer Integrated Curtailment, Storage
Demand response provider CPower announced a new partnership with energy storage provider Stem, Inc. to deliver a demand-side energy solution to custom...
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Sunnova Launches Residential Solar Plus Storage Plan
Sunnova Energy Corporation announced the launch of a new solar plus storage plan called PowerStack aimed at residential customers Sunnova said that ...
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TEPCO To Acquire 50% Stake In Ohio Battery Storage Project
RES Energy Storage Holdings, LLC, the direct upstream owner of Battery Utility of Ohio, LLC (BUO), has sought FERC approval for a transaction under w...
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WSJ: The Race to Build a Better Battery for Storing Power
The Wall Street Journal published a look at advancements in batteries and the push to develop one that can economically and reliably balance intermit...
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NRG Offering California C&I Customers Various Peak Reduction Products, Deploying 60 MWs
NRG Energy launched new offers for commercial and industrial customers in Southern California to take advantage of more than 60 MWs of "Preferred...
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E.ON Announces Texas Energy Storage Projects
E.ON North America announced that it would develop two 9.9 megawatt (MW) short duration energy storage projects using lithium-ion battery technology a...
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ConEd Partners With NRG Energy To Deploy "Storage on Demand"
ConEdison said that it has filed with the PSC a project that will bring battery storage technology to New York City neighborhoods to help keep service...
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Centrica To Start Construction Of New Battery Storage Facility
Centrica announced that work is set to start next month on the construction of one of the world’s largest battery storage facilities at the site of th...
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