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David Crane: In 10-20 Years, Google, Amazon To be "Dominant" Retail Energy Providers
The Wall Street Journal reports on efforts by Google and Amazon to leverage home energy automation services for more customer data, including energy u...
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Hive (Direct Energy Smart Home Affiliate) Now Offering Smart Outdoor Camera
Centrica's Hive smart home company announced the offering of a smart external camera, Hive View Outdoor. Hive View Outdoor is available for pre-orde...
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Centrica Hive Partners With Gamification Company Rewarding Customers For Reduced Usage
Centrica Hive, Centrica's smart home brand, today announced a partnership with OhmConnect, a California-based software energy management company that ...
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Direct Energy To Launch New Smart Home Bundle Energy Plans
Direct Energy will soon launch "Connect to Control 24" retail electric and natural gas plans that include the smart home Hive Welcome Home S...
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Centrica Connected Home Launches New Hive Smart Home Plan
Centrica Connected Home today unveiled its second smart home plan in the U.K., Hive Home Check, which combines a suite of connected devices and servic...
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Utility In Retail Choice State Offering "Connected Home Plan", Smart Thermostat
Potomac Edison (FirstEnergy) announced that it is offering customers in Maryland a smart thermostat and heating and cooling monitoring service For ...
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Vivint Companies Partner to Provide Integrated Energy Management, Comprehensive Smart Home
The companies said that later this year, new Vivint Solar customers will be able to receive an integrated energy management system from Vivint Smart H...
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Direct Energy Affiliate Offers Control of Heating, Connected Devices Via Amazon Alexa
Hive, Centrica's U.K. smart home brand, announced a partnership with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, allowing users to control their heating, lighting a...
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Centrica Launches New Hive Connected Home Products, Remote Control of Appliances
The following is a news release from Hive, a brand of Centrica's British Gas unit. disclaims any responsibility for the content of t...
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Centrica Unit To Acquire Connected Homes Company, Will Help Develop Products for Direct Energy
Centrica announced that its British Gas unit is to acquire AlertMe, a UK-based connected homes company that provides innovative energy management prod...
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WSJ: "Internet of Things" Seen as a Prime Source of New Revenue by Telecom Firms (Smart Home)
The Wall Street Journal this morning has a piece on the battle in Europe among telecom and other providers, such as Google, Apple and Samsung, to prov...
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FT: Tech and Telecoms Fight to Dominate "Internet of Things"
The Financial Times has a story today regarding the battle for control of smart home, home automation services, and the much-hyped "internet of things...
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App Shows NRG’s Strategy for Connected Home, Services
An app has been published on iTunes called NRG Home+, presented by NRG Connected Home, LLC, which allows users to remotely monitor and control househo...
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Liability? Hackers Target Home Devices (Minefield for Retail Providers)
If you thought the polar vortex was bad, wait until hackers start targeting "smart" devices offered to customers through retail energy suppliers. Thi...
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Is This What Customers Want? How Smart Meters Can Reveal Behavior at Home
As part of a series on "big data," Bloomberg takes a look at how smart meters can turn customers' homes into a minefield of treasure for marketers and...
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