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FirstEnergy Launching Online Marketplace For Products/Services, Some Can Be Paid For On EDC Bill
FirstEnergy Corp. said that it will launch a new e-commerce website on Monday, October 9, called Smartmart by FirstEnergy, "offering a range of prove...
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Centrica Retail Supplier Launches Smart Water Heater Offering
British Gas, a Centrica company, announced the launch of its latest innovation in the home, "Boiler IQ". The new technology, "is the first UK produc...
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SolarCity Bundling Solar, Storage, Smart Appliances
SolarCity announced that it is offering a Smart Energy Home program to residential customers in Hawaii. The program includes solar PV, battery stora...
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Obama Cites Retail Supplier in Announcing Renewable, Energy Efficiency Actions
The Obama administration announced a series of executive actions and other commitments meant to promote renewable energy, distributed energy, and ener...
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Report: One Lawyer May Have Just Killed Part Of The Internet of Things
A blog entry by a counsel for NYU's Brennan Center for Justice prompted one observer at to opine that the analysis, "may have just ki...
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Direct Energy Ohio Customer Count At 600,000, Growing
In a story on the battle between Nest and Honeywell in the smart thermostat market, where each has partnered with a retail energy supplier (Direct Ene...
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Texas REPs Offering Smart Thermostat for Customer Referrals
Tara Energy and Amigo Energy are providing Texas customers with a free Smart Stat Si smart thermostat for referring two friends to the retail provider...
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WSJ: "Internet of Things" Seen as a Prime Source of New Revenue by Telecom Firms (Smart Home)
The Wall Street Journal this morning has a piece on the battle in Europe among telecom and other providers, such as Google, Apple and Samsung, to prov...
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Direct Energy Sponsoring Posts on Mommy Blogs to Promote Smart Energy Offers, Sweepstakes
Direct Energy in the past week has sponsored blog posts on over two dozen mommy blogs, similar family-oriented blogs, and blogs devoted to home decor ...
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FT: Tech and Telecoms Fight to Dominate "Internet of Things"
The Financial Times has a story today regarding the battle for control of smart home, home automation services, and the much-hyped "internet of things...
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ComEd Enrolling Customers for Peak-Time Rebate Product
Commonwealth Edison in Illinois has begun enrolling customers for its peak-time rebate product, the Citizens Utility Board said. The program is open ...
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Reliant VP: "Real" Risk to Business Is We Can’t Innovate Fast Enough; Get Leapfrogged By Google/AMZN
The biggest risk to the competitive retail energy industry isn't regulatory, but the risk that non-energy companies like Google and Apple respond ...
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Vivint Solar Announces Pricing Of Initial Public Offering
Vivint Solar announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 20,600,000 shares of common stock at a price to the public of $16.00 per share. ...
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Direct Energy’s Badar Khan: The Future of Energy Service in Pennsylvania Is All About You has published an op-ed from Direct Energy CEO Badar Khan about an, "exciting era of constant value-adding innovation," coming to Pennsylv...
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Edison Int’l Names Utility Prez to Lead Competitive Subsidiary Focused on New Products/Services
Edison International named Ronald Litzinger, President of utility Southern California Edison since 2011, as President of Edison Energy, the holding co...
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