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Shell's U.S. Solar Platform Names Energy Industry Vet As EVP, Business Development
Silicon Ranch Corporation, the U.S. solar platform for Shell, has named Jim Bausell as Executive Vice President for Business Development. For the ...
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Shell Enters Supply Agreement With U.K. Retail Supplier
Orbit Energy Ltd, a new entrant to the Great Britain (GB) electricity and gas market, has agreed to an exclusive five-year deal with Shell Energy Euro...
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Parent Of Retail Supplier Seeks License For Taxi/Mobility App
The Financial Times reports that Royal Dutch Shell has sought approval from the London (U.K.) transport authority for an app, called, FarePilot, which...
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Shell To Purchase 43% Stake In Solar Energy Developer
Shell New Energies US LLC has entered into a proposed transaction to acquire 43.835% of the issued and outstanding common shares of renewable energy d...
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Shell to Acquire Interest in U.S. Solar Business
Shell announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire a 43.83% interest in U.S. solar company Silicon Ranch Corporation (Silicon Ranch) from fund...
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Report: Shell Considering Bid For Parent Of Dutch Retail Supplier, Green Energy Co.
Shell is mulling a bid for Eneco, a Dutch company which, among other things, acts as a retail supplier and is engaged in renewable energy, De Telegraa...
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Shell Acquires Residential Retail Supplier, To Develop, "More Innovative Services"
The Shell Petroleum Company Limited (Shell) has signed an agreement to buy 100% of First Utility, an independent UK household energy and broadband pro...
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Parent of Retail Suppliers Buys EV Charging Service Provider, Station Operator
Royal Dutch Shell has entered into an agreement to purchase NewMotion In Europe, NewMotion offers EV chargers for homes, businesses and public park...
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Shell Closes On Acquisition Of MP2 Energy
Shell Energy North America (US), L.P. (SENA) has formally closed on its previously reported acquisition of MP2 Energy LLC (MP2) "MP2 is an energy le...
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Shell Gas Stations To Offer Retail Electricity, As Company Explores Beyond Wholesale
Shell gas stations in Germany will offer mass market retail electricity under an agreement between Shell and First Utility, which will act as the reta...
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Power Marketer Files Complaint Over Fleeting RTO Invoice Dispute Timeline, Invoice Errors
Shell Energy North America (US), L.P. filed a complaint at FERC requesting that the Commission require the California Independent System Operator Corp...
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