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CBS Boston: How To Protect Yourself From Unwanted Electric Bill Changes (From Retail Suppliers)
WBZ-CBS Boston ran a story cautioning customers to check their electricity bill to determine if the customer has been switched to a retail supplier wi...
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ICC Publishes Final Order On New Retail Supplier Marketing Rules
The Illinois Commerce Commission has posted a final order containing the adopted new retail electric marketing and sales rules See the order here ...
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Utility Says It Received "Thousands" of Complaints About Retail Supplier Sales, Calls Them Predatory
WCPO-9, Cincinnati, reports on aggressive sales tactics used by retail suppliers, and reports that Duke Energy spokeswoman Sally Thelen said that the ...
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Report: New York ESCO Using Half-Ring/To Voicemail Sales Tactic
The Albany Times-Union reports that an ESCO, or agent on the ESCO's behalf, is using a form of telemarketing wherein the sales call will ring for ...
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Reliant Inks Three-Year Agreement As Signature Sponsor Of New Dallas Zoo Event
Dallas Zoo will debut a new seasonal tradition starting this November, hosting its inaugural holiday celebration – Dallas Zoo Lights Presented b...
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Illinois Retail Merchants Association Launching Own Broker
The Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA) has received a license from the Illinois Commerce Commission to act as an electric agent, broker, and...
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State Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Retail Supplier
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed a lawsuit against, an alternative retail electric supplier The AG's office alleged in a news release...
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Retail Supplier Website Receives "Award of Distinction" From Leading Program
Georgia Natural Gas (GNG) announced that it has been awarded the "Award of Distinction" for its newly redesigned website by the Academy of Interactive...
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Electric Customers File Complaints About Door-To-Door Sales, Impression Agent Worked For Utility
WPRI (Providence, RI) reports that the DPU has received complaints about door-to-door sales conducted on behalf of retail electric suppliers, and repo...
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Chicago CBS 2: Beware Of Alternative Electricity Supply Pitches
CBS 2 Chicago ran a report warning customers about sales pitches for alternative retail suppliers See the report here...
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Report Claims Complaints About Retail Suppliers "Surging" In Massachusetts
A post by Evan Anderson published on claims that, "complaints about dubious [retail supplier] 'deals' surging in Massachusetts." One bas...
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Texas AG Reaches Settlement Concerning Door-to-Door Marketing, Company To Pay $135,000
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that his office reached a settlement with Vivint, Inc. over allegations Vivint violated the Texas Deceptiv...
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Vivint Solar Launches Sales Channel At Retail Storefronts
Vivint Solar announced that it has launched its new retail sales channel. Vivint Solar will launch kiosks at retail locations in California, Massach...
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Police: Complaints on Door-to-Door Energy Marketer Received Within Two Hours Of Granting Permits
Complaints about a door-to-door independent contractor energy marketer in Leetonia, Ohio were received by police within two hours of the marketer rece...
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Attorney General Sues Retail Supplier
Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed a lawsuit against PALMco Power IL LLC (Palmco) for what the AG alleged was, "misleading customers about t...
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