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Report: U.K. PM To Present Draft Bill For Expanded Retail Energy Price Cap Next Week
The Financial Times reports that U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said the government would present a draft bill for an electricity and natural gas ret...
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U.K. Prime Minister Proposes Retail Electric Supply Price Caps
U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is including in a Conservative "manifesto" price caps on retail electricity supply rates Specifically, May is callin...
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Bill Would Apply Rate Cap To Retail Supplier Pricing
A bill (HP 192) has been introduced into the Maine legislature that would cap residential prices of retail electric providers at the default service r...
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Rate Caps Now In Play In Exelon Illinois Nuke Bailout Bill
The gift that just keeps on giving. After first gutting a bill to promote retail natural gas choice, and instead imposing state-mandated capacity p...
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Alberta To Impose Price Cap on Default Service Rates
The Alberta provincial government is adopting a price cap of 6.8ยข/kWh (Canadian $) on the Regulated Rate Option, in a move the government says is bein...
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Pennsylvania Pol "Not Gonna Go Away" in Quest for Variable Rate Caps
ABC-27, Harrisburg, provides an update on legislation to cap variable electric rate plans offered by retail suppliers in Pennsylvania, with the bill&#...
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