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Pa. Adopts Final Order Limiting Solar RPS Eligibility To In-State Resources
The Pennsylvania PUC voted to adopt a final order to implement Act 40 of 2017 and limit resources which qualify as Tier I solar Alternative Energy Por...
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NJ Passes Nuclear Subsidy Bill Limiting Purchase Obligations To Distribution Utilities
The New Jersey House and Senate both passed S2313, a bill providing subsidies to nuclear units via zero emissions certificates, with the ZEC purchase ...
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PUC Issues Tentative Order Changing Eligibility For Solar PV To Qualify For AEPS, Geographic Limit
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has issued a Tentative Implementation Order for Act 40 of 2017, which would establish geographical limits f...
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Connecticut Issues Proposed Order On Retail Supplier RPS Compliance
The Connecticut PURA issued a proposed final decision on electric suppliers’ and electric distribution companies’ compliance with the Connecticut rene...
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Regulator Issues Findings Related To Retail Suppliers’ RPS Compliance (Opportunity To Challenge)
The Connecticut PURA issued a notice of preliminary findings and determinations related to retail suppliers' RPS compliance for the year 2015 Retail ...
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Maryland Sets Prices For New Offshore Wind RECs Which Retail Suppliers Must Purchase
The Maryland PSC awarded offshore wind renewable energy credits (ORECs) to two projects to be built off the coast of Maryland; specifically, to projec...
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Lame-Duck Gov. Seeks to Impose New Obligation on Retail Suppliers
The Boston Globe reports that the administration of outgoing Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is pushing to impose some form of new hydropower por...
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Retail Suppliers Want "Streamlined" RPS Compliance Process in Connecticut
Connecticut's RPS compliance program process, "is complicated, lengthy and fraught with uncertainty," the Retail Energy Supply Association said in com...
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Connecticut to Examine Treatment of Vermont RECs, Potential Double Counting
In light of certain developments regarding Vermont RECs, the Connecticut PURA will convene a working group to address issues raised by the development...
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Connecticut Issues Draft on 2011 RPS Compliance, $20 Million in ACPs Assigned
The Connecticut PURA has issued a draft decision which would determine electric suppliers' compliance with the Connecticut renewable portfolio sta...
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