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Claim: Texas Retail Providers "Under No Obligation" To Pass-Through TDU Tax Cut Savings
In the Houston Chronicle, L.M. Sixel reviews the issue of TDU rate tax cut savings (or any TDU rate savings) and whether such savings will flow to ret...
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SECA Charges Which Killed Nascent Retail Markets Live On At FERC, Allocation To New Suppliers
FERC granted, in part, a complaint filed by American Electric Power Service Corporation Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (MISO), claimi...
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ERCOT Board Approves Price Corrections
The ERCOT Board has approved price corrections for Real-Time Locational Marginal Prices (RTLMPs), Real-Time Settlement Point Prices (RTSPPs), EPS Mete...
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Former Texas Rep. Who Led Restructuring Says Power to Choose Needs "Standardization"
In an interview with Texas Monthly, former Texas state representative Steve Wolens, credited with leading efforts to introduce customer choice, said t...
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ERCOT Reports Discrepancy In Calculation Of Real-Time LMPs For Certain CCGRs
ERCOT said in a market notice that it recently discovered two discrepancies between ERCOT Protocol Section, Real-Time Settlement Point Price ...
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Star-Telegram Backs Regulation Of REP Pricing For Failure To Pass On Tax Cut Savings
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram in an editorial is supporting a proposal, which was exclusively first reported by, from Texas Sta...
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Report: Texas REPs Slow To Show TDU Rate Savings In Listed Rates
Houston Chronicle columnist L.M. Sixel reports that two Texas retail electric providers had offers listed on Power to Choose that did not reflect a re...
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Chron Columnist: Electricity Shoppers "Shut Out" Of Best Deals (New Customers Only)
Writing in the Houston Chronicle, L.M. Sixel bemoans that some retail electric providers' best deals on Power to Choose -- the lowest rates to ent...
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Texas PUC’s Walker Urges Customers To Get Contracts "Squared Away" Before Summer
DeAnn Walker, Chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, urged customers, in an op-ed recently published in the Victoria Advocate, to get the...
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NRG: Scarcity Pricing And The Summer Energy Market In Texas
NRG Energy posted a discussion aimed at Texas businesses concerning scarcity pricing this summer and actions businesses should consider to manage thei...
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AEP Texas Central To Adjust Amount Of Rider TC-2 Charged To Retail Providers
AEP Texas filed at the Texas PUC for a non-standard true-up and adjustment to Transition Charge-2 Rates — Rider TC-2 for its Central division service ...
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Texas PUC Staff Proposes Schedule For Utilities To File Rate Cases (Charges Applicable To REPs)
In implementing recent legislation, Staff of the Texas PUC have filed a recommended proposal for adoption that would establish an ongoing requirement ...
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AARP: Texas PUC Must Put "Pressure" On REPs To Pass-On TDU Tax Cut Savings, Suggests Shaming REPs
In an op-ed published in the Texas Tribune's TribTalk, Bob Jackson, state director for AARP Texas, urged the Texas PUC to "pressure" retail electric p...
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PUC: Retail Supplier Customers Paid $78 Million More Than Default Service Over Three Years
The Maine PUC said in a report, using EIA 861 data, residential customers that received electricity supply service from a competitive electric provide...
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NRG REPs "Absolutely Intend" To Provide Customers With Utility Rate Relief Benefits From Tax Cuts
NRG Energy, on behalf of its various retail electric providers, filed a letter with the Texas PUC stating that NRG's retail suppliers, "absolutely int...
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