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Texas PUC Approves New Oncor Rider To Provide REPs With Refunds For Interest-Related Savings
The Public Utility Commission of Texas has approved Oncor’s Rider ISR – Interest Rate Savings Refund in PUCT Docket No. 49314 which refunds the balan...
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FERC Orders PJM, NYISO To Revise Pricing For Fast-Start Resources To Reflect More Costs
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has directed PJM Interconnection (PJM) and New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) to implement t...
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Draft Ohio Nuclear Subsidy Bill Appears To Leave Retail Suppliers With Unrecoverable Costs?
A version of a draft bill being circulated in Ohio to provide nuclear subsidies in Ohio would require electric distribution companies to collect costs...
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Texas PUC Formally Approves Lower Oncor Rates Charged To Retail Providers
The Texas PUC has formally adopted an order approving lower Oncor delivery rates (as well as a previously issued one-time credit) resulting from feder...
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Texas PUC Approves Final Transmission Charge Matrix For ERCOT Region
The Texas PUC has adopted wholesale transmission service charges to be applied in calendar year 2019 in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, In...
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PJM Says Reserves Pricing During Cold Snap Shows Need For Price "Reforms"
In a news release concerning recent winter operations, PJM said, "Pricing in PJM’s reserve market during stressed conditions showed that valuable ener...
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New Group, Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation, Formed, Releases Poll
A new group, Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI), has been formed and released a poll concerning Texans' views on policies that encourage...
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Pepco Files Corrected SOS Rates
Pepco has filed a correction to its previously filed D.C. SOS rates. "Please note that in Pepco's January 25, 2019 Tariff filing, two numbers were i...
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Texas PUC Staff File Final Transmission Charge Matrix For ERCOT
Staff of the Texas PUC have filed a Final Transmission Charge Matrix for the ERCOT region to set 2019 wholesale transmission charges. The matrix remai...
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Exelon Expects Retail Competitors To Stay Aggressive
In a 10-K, Exelon said that it expects its retail competitors to stay aggressive "[Exelon] Generation’s retail operations compete for customers in a ...
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Texas PUC Staff File Draft Transmission Charge Matrix
Texas PUC Staff have filed a Draft Transmission Charge Matrix. The matrix, which has been filed for stakeholder comment, is part of a proceeding to ...
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ConEd Selects Provider For Smart Home Rate Project
Following a competitive bid process, Consolidated Edison (ConEd) has selected Sunverge's intelligent energy storage system and dynamic Virtual Power ...
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Texas Complainant Appeals Case Over TDU Rate Class Change, Retail Provider Pricing To Supreme Court
A customer (Nawaid Isa) has appealed to the Texas Supreme Court a suit alleging deceptive practices by a TDU and REP due to the TDU rate classificatio...
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PJM Files Regulation Market Tariff Changes To Reduce Occurrence Of Large Spikes In Clearing Prices
On November 20, 2018, in FERC Docket No. ER19-383-000, PJM submitted for filing revisions to the PJM Tariff, Attachment K – Appendix, section 3.2, and...
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TNMP Posts SAC04 Code For New Rider Charged To Retail Providers, As Interim Approval Granted
Texas-New Mexico Power has received interim approval from three Texas ALJs for implementing interim rates that were part of a settlement in TNMP's rat...
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