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FERC Grants Limited Rehearing/Clarification Of Order Raising Offer Caps
FERC issued an order which granted rehearing or clarification on certain discrete issues regarding its order (Order No. 831) setting a hard cap of $2,...
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Report: U.K. PM To Present Draft Bill For Expanded Retail Energy Price Cap Next Week
The Financial Times reports that U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said the government would present a draft bill for an electricity and natural gas ret...
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Direct Energy: RTOs Should Maintain "Hard" Price Cap As FERC Moves Toward Removal of $1000 Offer Cap
RTOs should retain a "hard" cap on both cost- and market-based energy offers in any change to the current $1,000/MWh offer cap in place in most FERC-j...
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Legislators Hear Proposal to Cap Default Service Rate Increases
The Rhode Island legislature continues to entertain bills that would cap increases in default service electric rates, following significant increases ...
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NYISO Files at FERC To Implement Revised Shortage Pricing, Costs May Exceed $3,000/MWh
The New York ISO has filed its proposed revisions to shortage pricing at FERC. As previously reported, the change contemplates that shortage pricin...
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PUC Warns Legislature Against Price Caps
A lawyer for the Rhode Island PUC has warned the state legislature against various proposals for price caps, in the wake of significant default servic...
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Warning of Rate Shock, Harm to Retail Market, Pa. PUC Slams Proposal to Increase PJM Price Cap
The Pennsylvania PUC, often touted by "merchant" generators as being "enlightened" when its comes to competitive markets (for the ...
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FERC Announces Third Workshop on RTO Price Formation
FERC has announced December 9, 2014 as the date for a third workshop in its proceeding examining price formation issues in organized markets. The thi...
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ConEdison Solutions Says "Structural" Pricing Relief from High Winter Prices in Northeast Years Away
ConEdison Solutions has released a whitepaper on the polar vortex, which notes that "structural" pricing relief to the high winter electric rates plag...
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First FERC Price Formation Workshop to Focus on Uplift, But Will "Preview" Price Cap Debate
FERC said that its first workshop on "price formation" in the organized markets will focus on the causes of uplift, but "will also preview the scope o...
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