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Former Texas Rep. Who Led Restructuring Says Power to Choose Needs "Standardization"
In an interview with Texas Monthly, former Texas state representative Steve Wolens, credited with leading efforts to introduce customer choice, said t...
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Candidate For Texas Speaker (King): "Going To Take A Look" At Texas Power To Choose Issues
Dave Lieber, Watchdog columnist for The Dallas Morning News, recently sat down with Texas State Rep. Phil King, who Lieber notes is campaigning to be ...
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Report: Texas REPs Slow To Show TDU Rate Savings In Listed Rates
Houston Chronicle columnist L.M. Sixel reports that two Texas retail electric providers had offers listed on Power to Choose that did not reflect a re...
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Academic: "Artificial" Configuration Of Texas Power To Choose "Rammed" Down Consumers’ Throats
Houston Chronicle columnist L.M. Sixel has published a good read on the emergence of various concierge-style power buying services in Texas, which inc...
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Texas ROSE Makes Recommendations on Power To Choose Site, Other Protections
In comments on the draft Texas PUC electric scope of competition report, Texas ROSE (Ratepayers' Organization to Save Energy) and Texas Legal Serv...
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Even Without Gimmicks, 1¢ Power Plans Make Economic Sense for Texas Retail Providers
In the debate over changes to the Power to Choose website and plans with usage-based credits which lower the average rate at certain usage levels, the...
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Texas REP Wants PUC To Regulate Pricing: Impose Uniform Costs on All Customers
Infinite Energy, in commenting on the Texas PowerToChoose website, has recommended that the Texas Public Utility Commission prohibit retail electric s...
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DMN Editorial: Time To Crack Down On Deceptive Energy Offers
The Dallas Morning News has published an editorial calling for changes in the Texas Power to Choose site See the editorial here DMN Watchdog Dave Li...
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DMN Watchdog Hits PowerToChoose Copycat Sites, 1¢ Power
Dave Lieber, Watchdog for The Dallas Morning News, opines on the emergence of Texas electricity shopping websites which attempt to grab customers seek...
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Texas PUC Staff Have "Considered" Cost Calculator for Power To Choose Website
Staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas have "considered" a cost calculator for the Power to Choose website, but noted inherent chal...
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DMN: Some Texas REPs "Now" Charge No Minimum Fees
Dave Lieber, The Dallas Morning News Watchdog, writes that Texas electric companies are "now" charging no minimum usage fees. We are remi...
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Minimum Usage Fee, Credits Filter Goes Live on Texas Power To Choose Site
A new feature has gone live on the Texas Power to Choose site which allows customers to filter products by whether they include a minimum usage fee or...
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Report: Consumers Fault Texas Power To Choose Site
NPR's Stateimpact Texas reports on customer complaints regarding the presentation of pricing info and offers on the Texas Power to Choose site As pre...
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