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FERC Orders $230 Million In Penalties Against GreenHat, Related Parties '
FERC issued an order finding that, "GreenHat Energy, LLC (GreenHat), John Bartholomew, Kevin Ziegenhorn, and Andrew Kittell," engaged in a manipulativ...
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FERC Rules That Entering Bilateral FTR Data Into PJM System Does Not Create A Separate Contract
FERC Rules That Entering Bilateral FTR Data Into PJM System Does Not Create A Separate Contract (Shell Petition) Ruling on a petition from Sh...
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Shell Seeks FERC Relief From Claim Entering Bilateral FTR Data Into PJM Creates Separate Contract
In a petition for a declaratory order concerning Financial Transmission Rights in PJM related to the GreenHat Energy default, Shell Energy North A...
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PJM Trying To Cobble Together Exemption For SOS Contracts From MOPR, After FERC MOPR Order
PJM has shared with stakeholders various proposals it is considering to be included in an upcoming Minimum Offer Price Rule compliance filing to exem...
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PJM Rebilling LSEs (Retail Suppliers) To Reflect Reduced CTR Credit Rate
PJM issued a market notice regarding, "Important Information for LSEs of the ComEd Zone Regarding RPM Rebilling of the 2019/2020 Delivery Year and RPM...
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PJM IMM Finds Costs Of Maryland FRR Only 6% Higher Than Capacity Market, Under One Pricing Scenario
The Independent Market Monitor for PJM (IMM or MMU) issued a report analyzing the impacts of the creation of Fixed Resource Requirement (FRR) entiti...
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PJM Reports On Load Impacts From COVID-19
During an April 14 Planning Committee meeting, PJM presented a review of the impacts on electric load from COVID-19 PJM found that, on weekdays las...
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PJM To Seek FERC Approval For More Restrictive Credit Rules, After Member Approval
PJM’s Markets and Reliability Committee (MRC) and Members Committee have endorsed revisions to credit and market rules, which generally tighten th...
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PJM Submits MOPR, Capacity Market Compliance Filing At FERC
PJM has filed with FERC a compliance filing related to the minimum offer price rule in the capacity market The most relevant aspect to retail suppli...
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Report: Customers Overpaying By $4 Billion In PJM Capacity Market Due To Over-procurements
Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council published a report stating that over-procurements in PJM's capacity market, due to over-forecast...
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PJM Market Monitor Notes Reduction In Uplift Charges In State Of Market Report
Monitoring Analytics, LLC, the Independent Market Monitor for PJM, released the 2019 State of the Market Report for PJM Of note to retail suppliers...
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PJM Issues Notice Of Resettlement Of Regulation Billing
PJM issued a market notice stating, "PJM did not use the correct bias factor when calculating the Regulation Lost Opportunity Cost (LOC) settlement fo...
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PJM Identifies "Potential Credit Risk" Associated With Upcoming Third Capacity Incremental Auction
PJM issued a market notice stating, "PJM has identified a potential credit risk associated with the upcoming Third Incremental Auction for the 20...
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PJM Posts 2020 Load Forecast Report
PJM has released the 2020 PJM Load Forecast Report, which contains projections of peak load, net energy, load management, distributed solar generation...
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Bloomberg Covers Public Citizen Disapproval Of Selection Of Manu Asthana As PJM CEO
Bloomberg on December 27 published a story cornering Public Citizen's dissatisfaction of PJM's selection of Manu Asthana, former Direct Energy...
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