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Update: Boston City Council Approves Municipal Aggregation
The Boston, MA City Council has approved a resolution to adopt an opt-out municipal electric aggregation, the Boston Globe reports Such an aggregatio...
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Boston City Council Pushing For Municipal Opt-Out Aggregation, Mayor Raises Concerns
Two Boston City Councilors, including Council President Michelle Wu, are seeking to implement an opt-out municipal electric aggregation for Boston, th...
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Nantucket, MA Selects Retail Supplier For Municipal Aggregation
Nantucket, MA has selected Agera Energy to supply the town's opt-out municipal aggregation program, the Cape Cod Times reports Agera Energy was selec...
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Gov’t Aggregator Touts Opt-Out Gov’t Aggregation In Report On Opt-In Program To PSC
Gabel Associates, which was retained by the Maryland PSC to review the potential for an opt-in electricity affordability program (state-endorsed opt-i...
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Doubts Could Short-Circuit Delaware Opt-Out Aggregation Program
Doubts have been raised regarding the viability of an opt-out aggregation program for Delaware, The News Journal reports. See The News Journal for th...
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Salem, MA Seeking to Create Municipal Aggregation
Salem is the latest Massachusetts community to pursue an opt-out municipal electric aggregation, The Salem News reports See The Salem News for the st...
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Northwest Ohio Aggregation Conducting Opt-Out Period
The Northwest Ohio Aggregation Coalition, which is under a six-year supply agreement with FirstEnergy Solutions is conducting a mid-cotnract opt-out p...
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