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Elliott, Bluescape Seek Strategic Review At Sempra, Oncor Parent; Seeks Asset Sales
Elliott Associates, L.P. and Elliott International, L.P. (together, “Elliott”) and Bluescape Resources Company (“Bluescape”) (...
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ARM Raises Issue With Battery Cost Treatment In Oncor DCRF Application
The Alliance for Retail Markets filed testimony in Oncor's application for an initial Distribution Cost Recovery Factor (a new rider that would be...
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Bankruptcy Court Approves Sempra Acquisition Of Oncor
Sempra announced that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware has confirmed the plan of reorganization for Energy Future Holdings Corp....
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Sempra: Would Look To Transition Oncor Ring-Fencing After "Earning" Confidence Of Texas Regulators
During an earnings call yesterday, Sempra Energy CEO Debra Reed said, in response to a question regarding whether ring-fencing adopted as part of its...
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Court Approves Sempra Energy’s Merger Agreement With EFH
Sempra Energy announced that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Bankruptcy Court) has approved the merger agreement that Energy F...
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Rival Oncor Suitor Said To Purchase Debt Allowing It To Block Sale
The Wall Street Journal first reported yesterday that Elliott Management Corp., which is attempting to put forth a competing bid for Oncor, has acquir...
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Load Group Opposes Oncor Rate Case Settlement For Failing To Allow Smaller Load To Elect 4CP Billing
Brasovan Energy's Electricity Users Coalition (BEEC) filed an objection to a stipulation in Oncor's rate case, as BEEC opposes tariff language that wo...
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NextEra Appeals Texas PUC’s Denial Of Oncor Acquisition
NextEra Energy, Inc. has appealed to a Texas district court the final order (Order on Rehearing) from the Texas PUC rejecting NextEra's application to...
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Report: Elliott Hires Investment Bank To Raise Capital For Oncor Deal
CNBC reports that, "Elliott Management has hired the investment banking firm Moelis to raise capital for a $9.3 billion bid for Oncor." Yesterday, Re...
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Elliott Management Confirms Working On $18.5 Billion For Oncor
Elliott Management Corporation, a creditor of Energy Future Holdings, disclosed that it has been in the process of negotiating a term sheet for a full...
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Texas PUC Denies Rehearing Of Order Rejecting NextEra Purchase Of Oncor
The Texas PUC issued an order denying the second motion for rehearing filed by NextEra Energy, Inc. on June 27, 2017, which had sought rehearing of th...
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NextEra Again Seeks Rehearing of Texas PUC Order Denying Oncor Purchase
NextEra Energy has sought rehearing of the Texas PUC's order on rehearing which denied NextEra's purchase of Oncor See the petition for rehearing her...
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Bloomberg: NextEra May Try Again To Acquire Oncor
Bloomberg, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, reports that NextEra Energy CEO Jim Robo told attendees at an investor conference that NextEra is going t...
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Texas PUC Issues Rehearing Order Denying NextEra Acquisition of Oncor
The Texas PUC yesterday issued an order on rehearing denying the NextEra Energy, Inc.'s proposed acquisition of Oncor (Docket 46238) Although the o...
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Texas PUC Unlikely To Reverse Course On Rejection of NextEra Purchase of Oncor
During yesterday's Texas PUC open meeting, Commissioners expressed that they did not view as persuasive NextEra Energy's request for the Commission t...
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