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Letter: Pennsylvania Electric Deregulation Works for Biz, Consumers
The Delaware County Daily Times published a letter from John Kolarick, managing director of plant operations at Dynegy's Liberty Electric Energy Facil...
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Retailer (DOE Coal NOPR): Customers Won’t Bother Shopping If 80% Of Bill A Pass-Through Charge
In comments opposing a DOE-authored NOPR under consideration at FERC which would provide cost of service regulation to certain coal and nuclear plants...
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FERC Staff Issue Questions For Comment On DOE Resiliency Non-Market Compensation (Coal, Nukes)
FERC Staff issued for stakeholder comment a series of questions regarding DOE's proposal to provide non-market compensation to certain generating unit...
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Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging New York Nuclear ZEC Program
The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Zero Emissions Credit (ZEC) program contained in New...
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Federal Court Rejects Challenges To Illinois Nuclear Subsidies
The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has dismissed two lawsuits challenging Illinois nuclear subsidy (ZEC) program, finding t...
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Dominion Millstone Subsidy Bill Fails To Pass In Regular CT Legislative Session
A bill which would have provided support, through mandated EDC procurement, to Dominion's Millstone nuclear reactor failed to pass the Connecticut ho...
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Exelon to Retire Three Mile Island Generating Station, Absent Needed Policy "Reforms"
Exelon Corporation today said it will prematurely retire its Three Mile Island Generating Station (TMI) on or about September 30, 2019, "absent neede...
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Exelon Says Two Of Its Nukes Fail To Clear PJM Capacity Auction
Exelon Corporation today announced that its Three Mile Island (TMI) and Quad Cities nuclear plants did not clear in the 2020-21 PJM capacity auction ...
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Report: DOE Sec. Perry Initiates Study Of Whether Wholesale Markets Adequately Compensate Coal/Nukes
Citing a memo from Energy Secretary Rick Perry that it obtained, Bloomberg reports that Perry is initiating a study of factors impacting the continued...
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Final NY Budget Omits Moratorium on ZEC Program
The final version of the New York State budget passed by both houses and signed by the governor omits a moratorium on the Zero Emissions Credit progra...
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Bill Filed To Implement Ohio Nuclear Subsidies, Retail Market Appears Unscathed
A bill has been filed to create a zero emissions credit program to subsidize Ohio nuclear plants As written, the bill appears to spare any retail mar...
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CT Nuke Bills Could Impose Carbon Price On Retail Suppliers, Allow Nuke Contracts To Serve SS
Legislation has been formally filed in Connecticut to provide subsidies to Dominion's Millstone nuclear plant S.B. No. 106 would include nuclear powe...
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FirstEnergy Seeking Nuclear Subsidy Legislation Via ZEC Program In Ohio, Would Still Sell Nukes
Ohio lawmakers are working with FirstEnergy to design a zero emissions credit program to provide subsidies to its merchant nuclear units, the Clevelan...
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Generators File Suit Against Illinois Nuclear Subsidies
Various generators have filed suit against Illinois' nuclear zero emissions credit program which provides subsidies to nuclear power plants A second ...
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Generators Oppose Sought Assistance For Dominion Nuke in CT (Could Include Utility Supply Contracts)
The Electric Power Supply Association along with Calpine, Dynegy, and NRG Energy are opposing efforts by Dominion to receive legislative assistance fo...
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