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PJM Files Cost Impact From Potential Nuclear Retirements
PJM has filed an analysis of the cost and emission impacts of potential nuclear power plant retirements in Pennsylvania and Ohio. PJM was requested...
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Exelon Says Three Mile Island Unit 1 To Shut Down by September 30, 2019
Exelon Generation announced today that Three Mile Island Generating Station Unit 1 (TMI) will shut down by Sept. 30, 2019, as previously announced in ...
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Latest Ohio Nuclear Subsidy Bill Now Applies RPS Compliance Reduction To Retail Suppliers
A substitute version of Ohio HB 6, which would provide subsidies to nuclear plants and other eligible resources, would apply a reduction in the renewa...
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State Climate Action Plan Recommends Maintaining Current Nuclear Generation Levels
A Pennsylvania Climate Action Plan released by Governor Tom Wolf recommends, among other things: • Creating a diverse portfolio of clean, utility-sca...
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Ohio Gov. Touts Need For Nuclear
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has made remarks stating that carbon reduction goals can't be met in the near term without nuclear power, while he declined to s...
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NJ BPU Awards ZECs To Nuclear Plants, Allows Cost Recovery
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) has awarded Zero Emission Certificates (ZECs) to the Salem One and Two and Hope Creek nuclear power p...
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Supreme Court Denies EPSA Challenge To New York, Illinois Nuclear Subsidy Laws
The Supreme Court has denied certiorari (review) of lower court findings appealed by EPSA concerning nuclear subsidy laws in New York and Illinois ...
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Update: Pa. Senate Nuke Bill Places Obligation On Utilities Only
The newly filed bill in the Pennsylvania Senate (Senate Bill 510) to provide subsidies to nuclear generation would place the procurement obligation on...
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Draft Ohio Nuclear Subsidy Bill Appears To Leave Retail Suppliers With Unrecoverable Costs?
A version of a draft bill being circulated in Ohio to provide nuclear subsidies in Ohio would require electric distribution companies to collect costs...
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Pa. Senator Introduces Another Nuclear Subsidy Bill
Pennsylvania State Senator Ryan P. Aument (R-36) announced the introduction of a second bill (Senate Bill 510) to provide subsidies to the state's nuc...
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Report: Ohio Nuclear Subsidy Bill Expected To Be Unveiled Soon
The News-Herald reports that an Ohio House bill to provide subsidies to Ohio's nuclear power plants is expected to be unveiled soon Details on the fo...
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Conn. Utilities Reach Agreement On PPAs To Support Dominion Millstone Plant
Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont and Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Commissioner Katie Dykes announced that Dominion Energy ...
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Pa. Nuclear Subsidy Bill Places Obligation Only On EDCs, Not Retail Suppliers
The Pennsylvania nuclear subsidy bill has been introduced as House Bill 11.   The introduced language of the bill places the compliance o...
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Pa. Nuclear Subsidy Bill To Be Formally Unveiled Today
A bill to provide subsidies to Pennsylvania's nuclear plants is set to be unveiled today, the AP reports via Fox Business As previously reported, a d...
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Draft Of Pennsylvania Nuke Subsidy Bill Places Compliance Obligation On EDCs, Not Retail Suppliers
A Feb. 6 draft of a bill to adopt nuclear energy subsidies in Pennsylvania would place the compliance obligation for procuring and paying for nuclear ...
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