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Iron Mountain Signs 145 MW PPA
Iron Mountain Incorporated a provider of storage and information management services, announced the signing of a 15-year power purchase agreement (PP...
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Texas PUC Staff Join NUS Which Would Approve Transfer Of Transmission Line To NextEra Sub.
NextEra Energy Transmission Southwest (NEET Southwest), Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative, Inc., and the Public Utility Commission of Texas have en...
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Texas Wind Project Among Those To Be Acquired By NextEra Energy Partners
NextEra Energy Partners, LP announced that it has entered into an agreement with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC to acquire a geographi...
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AT&T Enters 300 MW PPA With Energy Marketer
AT&T announced that it is expanding its renewable energy program with NextEra Energy Resources. During a groundbreaking ceremony in Webb County, Tex...
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NextEra To Acquire Texas Transmission Line
NextEra Energy Transmission Southwest, LLC ("NEET Southwest") and Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Rayburn") (collectively, "Applicants") r...
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NextEra Appeals Texas PUC’s Denial Of Oncor Acquisition
NextEra Energy, Inc. has appealed to a Texas district court the final order (Order on Rehearing) from the Texas PUC rejecting NextEra's application to...
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Texas PUC Denies Rehearing Of Order Rejecting NextEra Purchase Of Oncor
The Texas PUC issued an order denying the second motion for rehearing filed by NextEra Energy, Inc. on June 27, 2017, which had sought rehearing of th...
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NextEra Again Seeks Rehearing of Texas PUC Order Denying Oncor Purchase
NextEra Energy has sought rehearing of the Texas PUC's order on rehearing which denied NextEra's purchase of Oncor See the petition for rehearing her...
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Bloomberg: NextEra May Try Again To Acquire Oncor
Bloomberg, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, reports that NextEra Energy CEO Jim Robo told attendees at an investor conference that NextEra is going t...
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NextEra Closes On Acquisition Of Texas Wind Farm
Tri Global Energy announced the sale of assets of the 80 megawatt (MW) Fiber Winds Energy Project located in Crosby County, Texas to Lorenzo Wind, a ...
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Texas PUC Issues Rehearing Order Denying NextEra Acquisition of Oncor
The Texas PUC yesterday issued an order on rehearing denying the NextEra Energy, Inc.'s proposed acquisition of Oncor (Docket 46238) Although the o...
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Texas PUC Unlikely To Reverse Course On Rejection of NextEra Purchase of Oncor
During yesterday's Texas PUC open meeting, Commissioners expressed that they did not view as persuasive NextEra Energy's request for the Commission t...
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Report: Bankruptcy Judge Questions Texas PUC Rejection Of NextEra Acquisition Of Oncor
NextEra Energy told a bankruptcy judge that it is still working to acquire Oncor, and may seek to strike a deal with opposing intervenors concerning t...
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Cape Light Compact Announces New Supplier For Aggregation, Pricing
The Cape Light Compact announced that NextEra Energy Services Massachusetts, LLC will supply all of its aggregation customers starting in 2017. Pre...
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In Memo, Texas PUC’s Anderson Reiterates Concerns With Oncor New Competitive Affiliates Under M&A
Texas Public Utility Commissioner Kenneth Anderson filed a memo concerning a proposed acquisition of Energy Future Holdings, and Oncor, by NextEra Ene...
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