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Ohio Adopts Order Addressing Net Metering Compensation To Customers Of Retail Suppliers
PUCO adopted an order addressing net metering compensation for customers of competitive retail electric service (CRES) suppliers PUCO held that CRES ...
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Michigan PSC Sets Process To Consider Distributed Generation Rules (Retail Suppliers Included)
The Michigan PSC, in Case No. U-18383, set a June 1 deadline for comments on establishing a distributed generation "program "as well as guidelines for...
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Lawsuit Filed Against Retail Supplier, Utility Alleging Improper Crediting of Net Metered Generation
A lawsuit seeking class action status has been filed against PSE&G and Stream Energy in which a New Jersey customer alleges that the companies did not...
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Draft Decision Would Change How Retail Suppliers Must Treat, Account for Net Metering Customers
The Connecticut PURA has issued a draft interim decision that would change how retail suppliers are required to treat and account for net metering cus...
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CUB Asks ICC to Implement Community Solar Pilot With Virtual Net Metering
The Citizens Utility Board (“CUB”) and the Environmental Defense Fund (“EDF”) have petitioned the Illinois Commerce Commission to initiate a proceedin...
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N.Y. Releases Straw Proposal on Community Net Metering
The New York PSC has instituted a proceeding to develop a community net metering program, and released a straw proposal developed by Staff. A meeti...
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