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NRG Retail Expands Charity Affinity Products
NRG Home has begun offering plans offering affinity donations to charitable and non-profit causes in the PECO service area, reports See ...
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NRG Home Offering Free Weekends in Northeast States
NRG Home is offering free weekends to residential electric customers at PECO and PPL in Pennsylvania When predecessor NRG Residential Solutions lau...
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NRG Installs NRG Go Power Pack Kiosks At Linc Field, Other Philly Locations
NRG Energy has installed its NRG Go Power Pack kiosks at Lincoln Financial Field as well as the East Falls campus of Philadelphia University, the Phil...
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Report: NRG Home Solar Exits North Carolina Market
The Charlotte Business Journal reports that NRG Home Solar is exiting the North Carolina market, with the Charlotte Business Journal reporting that NR...
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"Crowdsourced" NRG Home CEO Departs Company
Steve McBee is leaving his position as President and CEO of NRG Home, Bloomberg reports McBee, who was previously a lobbyist, had joined NRG in Nov...
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NRG Retail Supplier Piloting Residential Demand Response Program in Pennsylvania
Retail supplier NRG Home is piloting a demand response program with residential customers located in "select" eastern Pennsylvania markets, ...
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Retail Supplier Offering Energy Services At "Permanent" Storefront Inside Wal-Mart
** Exclusive ** -- Must Credit NRG Home is offering, or intends to soon offer, energy services at "permanent" in-store ...
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Retail Supplier Offering Home Backup Generators
NRG Home has announced that it offers Texas and Northeast residents backup generation solutions Reliant has previously offered backup generators to T...
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NRG Chasing Millennials As "Most Important Constituency" -- SMH
NRG is apparently going all-in in chasing the "millennial" generation -- the car-sharing, home-eschewing, urban dwelling, debt-riddled const...
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Report: NRG Home Solar Has Installed Solar on 10,000 Homes in Five States
An op-ed in Crain's New York Business reports that NRG Home Solar, "has installed arrays on 10,000 homes in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massach...
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NRG Home Solar Begins Offering Loans, Opens Two Residential Solar Offices in California
NRG Home Solar announced that it will begin offering solar loans, initially as part of a rollout to the California residential solar market. NRG Home...
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App Shows NRG’s Strategy for Connected Home, Services
An app has been published on iTunes called NRG Home+, presented by NRG Connected Home, LLC, which allows users to remotely monitor and control househo...
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NRG Open to Vets of High Tech, Consumer Goods, Cable/Telecom to Lead New NRG Home
NRG Energy launched a "crowdsourced" search for a President of its newly created NRG Home Division, which as first reported by EnergyChoiceM...
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NRG Wants to Be Your Supplier, "Wherever You Are, Whatever You Are Doing, For However How Long ..."
David Crane, CEO of NRG Energy, offered the following goal for the newly created NRG Home during yesterday's earnings call: "NRG Home will also be ...
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NRG Names Hall of Famer Bill Walton As Spokesperson for Home Solar Biz
NRG Home Solar announced that Bill Walton, NBA Hall-of-Famer, has signed-on as the voice of the company’s home solar solutions. Bill Walton is a 2-t...
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