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NRG: Scarcity Pricing And The Summer Energy Market In Texas
NRG Energy posted a discussion aimed at Texas businesses concerning scarcity pricing this summer and actions businesses should consider to manage thei...
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FERC Approves Sales Of Two Retail Suppliers
FERC approved in separate orders yesterday two sales of retail suppliers FERC approved the previously reported transaction under which NRG Energy wil...
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NRG Lenders Agree to Reprice Its Term Loan B
NRG Energy Inc. announced that it has repriced its $1.872 billion Term Loan B due June 2023. The transaction is leverage neutral and enhances free cas...
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NRG Details Impact Hurricane Harvey Had On Generation
NRG filed with the Texas PUC information regarding impacts on its power plants and operations during and after Hurricane Harvey. "Despite the record ...
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NRG Expands Charity Affinity Plan To New Market
NRG has unveiled a new partnership with Boston (MA) Children’s Hospital as part of its Choose to Give program, which allows NRG customers to support l...
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Bloomberg: Seven Companies Considering Bids For NRG Renewable Biz
Bloomberg reports that the following companies are weighing bids to purchase NRG's renewable energy assets which are being divested under NRG's transf...
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Report: NRG Lays Off Workers Around The Country
The Houston Chronicle reports that NRG Energy has laid off employees in Texas and other areas as part of its cost cutting efforts See the Houston Chr...
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GenOn Files For Bankruptcy As NRG Exit Settlement Finalized
GenOn filed for bankruptcy as a restructuring plan was finalized that will see GenOn taken over by creditors, and NRG Energy pay some $260 million in ...
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NRG Discloses Details On Sought Restructuring Of GenOn Via Voluntary Chapter 11 Proceedings
NRG Energy filed today an 8-K detailing a proposed restructuring of GenOn and GenOn Americas Generation (GAG) debt. A proposed consensual restruct...
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Bloomberg: NRG Panel Said to Mull Sale of Entire Renewables Portfolio
Bloomberg reported that NRG's Business Review Committee is weighing a sale of all of its renewables portfolio, due to pressure from investor Paul Sing...
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NRG Retail EVP: Every One Of Our Competitors Is Looking At Customer Count Declines Of Some Level
Discussing the retail business in response to an analyst question on this morning's NRG Energy earnings call, Elizabeth Killinger, Executive Vice Pres...
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NRG Formally Announces New Retail Plans Supporting Philadelphia Nonprofits
NRG formally announced the launch of its Choose to Give affinity program which will allow customers to support Philadelphia-area non-profits by enroll...
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NRG Retail Expands Charity Affinity Products
NRG Home has begun offering plans offering affinity donations to charitable and non-profit causes in the PECO service area, reports See ...
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NRG Offering California C&I Customers Various Peak Reduction Products, Deploying 60 MWs
NRG Energy launched new offers for commercial and industrial customers in Southern California to take advantage of more than 60 MWs of "Preferred...
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NYC Pension Funds Oppose Barry Smitherman Appointment To NRG Board
The New York City Pension Funds are urging NRG Energy shareholders to reject the appointment of Barry Smitherman to NRG's board of directors, citing h...
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