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Maryland PSC Staff Post Community Solar Contract Summary Disclosure Form
Staff of the Maryland PSC have filed, for PSC consideration, a Maryland Community Solar Contract Summary Disclosure with instructions, which are an in...
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New Bypassable Transmission Rates Approved At Pepco, Delmarva (Changes SOS Prices)
New bypassable transmission rates have been approved by the Maryland PSC at Pepco and Delmarva See the new rates, which impact the all-in bypassable ...
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FirstEnergy Launching Online Marketplace For Products/Services, Some Can Be Paid For On EDC Bill
FirstEnergy Corp. said that it will launch a new e-commerce website on Monday, October 9, called Smartmart by FirstEnergy, "offering a range of prove...
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BGE Files New Amounts For Bypassable SOS Admin. Charge, Rider 8 Reconciliation
Baltimore Gas and Electric has filed with the Maryland PSC updates to the bypassable SOS admin. charge, to be effective October 2017 through January 2...
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Maryland Sets Prices For New Offshore Wind RECs Which Retail Suppliers Must Purchase
The Maryland PSC awarded offshore wind renewable energy credits (ORECs) to two projects to be built off the coast of Maryland; specifically, to projec...
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Potomac Edison Offering Electrical Repair, Installation Services Program to Residential Customers
Potomac Edison, a unit of FirstEnergy, formally announced that it now offers its residential customers in Maryland professional electrical services pe...
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Utility In Retail Choice State Offering "Connected Home Plan", Smart Thermostat
Potomac Edison (FirstEnergy) announced that it is offering customers in Maryland a smart thermostat and heating and cooling monitoring service For ...
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Retail Supplier Dropping Customers To Default Service
FirstEnergy Solutions is dropping certain Maryland customers, including some in the Potomac Edison service area, to default service if customers do no...
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Gov’t Aggregator Touts Opt-Out Gov’t Aggregation In Report On Opt-In Program To PSC
Gabel Associates, which was retained by the Maryland PSC to review the potential for an opt-in electricity affordability program (state-endorsed opt-i...
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BGE SOS Rates Changing On True-Up To Admin. Charge, Rider 8 Reconciliation
Baltimore Gas & Electric SOS rates for electricity customers are changing due to a true-up of components of the bypassable administrative charge a...
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BGE SOS Rates Decreasing Due To Revised Adders Approved By PSC
Baltimore Gas & Electric has filed changes to its SOS electric rates as a result of the Maryland PSC's recent decision on the amount of BGE's bypassab...
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Pepco, Delmarva Maryland SOS Rates Change on Changes To Bypassable Transmission
SOS rates at Pepco and Delmarva in Maryland are changing due to changes in the bypassable transmission rate at each company The changes are proposed ...
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BGE Files Update To Bypassable SOS Rider 8 (ECA/Reconciliation)
Baltimore Gas & Electric has filed the amounts for bypassable SOS Rider 8, Energy Cost Adjustment (reconciliation) for the months of October 2016 thro...
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Maryland PSC Adopts Regulations for Community Solar Pilot Program
The Maryland PSC has adopted final regulations for a community solar pilot program. Text of the adopted regulations are expected to be published in th...
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SCOTUS: Long-Term Capacity Contracts Not Conditioned On Clearing RPM Don’t Suffer "Fatal" Flaw
The Supreme Court yesterday affirmed a lower court's ruling invalidating capacity contracts (CfDs) ordered by the Maryland PSC between the state's EDC...
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