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Poster Promoting NY Muni Aggregation Promised, "No More Energy Telemarketers Or Door To Door Sales"
Posters promoting municipal electricity aggregations in Oneonta and Horseheads, New York listed under "potential benefits" of the municipal aggregatio...
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Multi-Village Muni Aggregation Returning Customers To SOS, Village Warns Customers of Retail Offers
The Northern Illinois Governmental Electric Aggregation is returning municipal aggregation customers to ComEd default service, including customers in ...
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Official: Municipal Aggregation Will "Gamble" With Customers’ Rate
The President of a Village with an opt-out municipal electric aggregation has conceded that the aggregation amounts to a, "gamble", with the...
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Regulator Issues Findings Related To Retail Suppliers’ RPS Compliance (Opportunity To Challenge)
The Connecticut PURA issued a notice of preliminary findings and determinations related to retail suppliers' RPS compliance for the year 2015 Retail ...
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Bloomberg: NextEra May Try Again To Acquire Oncor
Bloomberg, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, reports that NextEra Energy CEO Jim Robo told attendees at an investor conference that NextEra is going t...
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Report Claims Complaints About Retail Suppliers "Surging" In Massachusetts
A post by Evan Anderson published on claims that, "complaints about dubious [retail supplier] 'deals' surging in Massachusetts." One bas...
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Appeals Court Order Upholding PJM Capacity Performance Highlights How Bad Decades-Old Design Was
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued an opinion denying challenges to FERC's adoption of PJM's capacity performance mechanism and des...
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Study Depicts "Bleak" Future for Merchant Generation
A study released today by the Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP law firm and the Power Research Group paints a "bleak" picture for merchant genera...
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Mayor of State’s Second Largest City Seeks Authorization To Implement Opt-Out Municipal Aggregation
The mayor of the City of Worcester, MA has sought authorization from the City Council to implement an opt-out municipal electricity aggregation, the W...
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Electric Choice Proponent Elected To Pedernales Electric Cooperative Board
Randy R. Klaus has been elected to serve on the board of the Pedernales Electric Cooperative Klaus has previously proposed that customer choice be i...
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Spark Energy, Inc. Receives HSR Approval for Verde Acquisition and Completes Two-for-One Stock Split
Spark Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPKE), a Delaware corporation ("Spark" or the "Company) has received regulatory approval under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act ("...
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FERC: ERCOT Summer Reserve Margin "Tight"; A Better Description Is Efficient
FERC issued a Staff summer 2017 reserve margin report stating, "The anticipated reserve margin in ERCOT continues to be tight when compared to the oth...
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ERCOT Board Approves Transmission Project in West Texas
The ERCOT Board of Directors has endorsed a transmission project that includes two new 345-kV lines to help address future reliability concerns in th...
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GenOn Files For Bankruptcy As NRG Exit Settlement Finalized
GenOn filed for bankruptcy as a restructuring plan was finalized that will see GenOn taken over by creditors, and NRG Energy pay some $260 million in ...
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PJM Posts Updated Capacity Market Repricing Proposal, Previews Energy Market Price Formation Paper
PJM has posted an updated Capacity Market Repricing Proposal and previewed an Energy Market Price Formation Working Paper that is to be released June ...
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