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Lubbock City Council, LP&L Utility Board Approve Implementation of Advanced Meters
The Lubbock City Council and Lubbock Power & Light (LP&L) Electric Utility Board approved the implementation of advanced meters for LP&L electric cust...
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Lubbock Power & Light Readies To Deploy Smart Meters
Lubbock Power & Light is set to begin the process of installing advanced meters in its service area as its board and City Council consider contrac...
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LP&L To Pay $24 Million To SPS Under Agreement To Join ERCOT
The Utility Board governing the Lubbock Power & Light has approved terms of various stipulations with stakeholders that would approve its petition...
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Lubbock Power & Light, SPS Reach Agreement In Principle On LP&L Joining ERCOT
Stakeholders reported during yesterday's Texas PUC open meeting that Lubbock Power & Light and Southwestern Public Service have reached an agreement i...
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Lubbock Power & Light, PUC Staff, Others Reach Agreement On ERCOT Costs Related To LP&L Integration
Lubbock Power and Light (LP&L), Staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, the Office of Public Utility Counsel (OPUC), and Texas Industrial Ene...
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State Rep., Businesses File Support For LP&L Move To Retail Choice
A Texas state rep. and several businesses and large customers have filed comments with the Texas PUC supporting the stated intent of Lubbock Power & L...
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Former LPL Board Member Says Utility Can’t Allow Retail Choice While 1/3 Of Load Still In SPP
Charles Dunn, a former member of Lubbock Power and Light's electric utility board, has said that the utility cannot offer retail competition to cu...
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Report: LP&L (And Some NOIE) Rates Higher Than Dallas, Houston Rates
KAMC, via, reports that Lubbock Power & Light bills are materially higher than average electric prices in Dallas and Houston...
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ARM RFIs In Lubbock ERCOT Integration Case Seek Info On Choice, Selection of NOIE Load Zone
The Alliance for Retail Markets (ARM) issued several RFIs to Lubbock Power & Light in LP&L's proceeding before the Texas PUC to integrate into ERCOT. ...
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Texas Muni Schedules Open House As Result Of Choice Petition, Says Choice Not An Option While In SPP
In response to a customer petition signed by over 14,000 residents to introduce electric choice to the municipal utility (see story here), Lubbock Pow...
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Thousands Of Frustrated Customers At Texas Muni Sign Petition To End Monopoly, Citing Rate Hikes
"Thousands" of customers of Texas municipal utility Lubbock Power and Light have signed a petition to terminate the muni's, "monopoly," due to frustra...
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Study: ERCOT Annual Avg. LMP Would See Negligible Increase From LP&L Integration
ERCOT and SPP have filed their analysis of Lubbock Power & Light joining ERCOT ERCOT noted that it is not able to allocate system reliability impacts...
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Lubbock Power & Light Signs Contract With SPS To Take Supply Through 2012
Lubbock Power & Light (LP&L) and Southwestern Public Service (SPS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Xcel Energy, announced the signing of a purchased pow...
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ERCOT, SPP File Proposed Scope of Coordinated Studies On Lubbock Power & Light ERCOT Integration
ERCOT and SPP have filed with the Texas PUC a proposed scope of work and timeline for their coordinated studies of the impact of the proposed transiti...
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ERCOT Seeks PUC Guidance on Lubbock Power & Light Integration Study
ERCOT has sought guidance from the Public Utility Commission of Texas concerning the PUC's directive that ERCOT evaluate the interconnection of th...
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