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Retail Supplier's $18.5 Million Settlement Over Rates Approved By Court reports that an $18.5 million settlement entered into by Viridian Energy concerning its pricing has been approved by a judge. n...
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Retail Supplier's $9.3 Million Settlement Over Variable Rate Suit Approved By Court
A federal court has granted preliminary approval of a class action settlement between Ambit Energy L.P, et al. and a plaintiff to resolve a suit broug...
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Oral Arguments Heard In ERCOT vs. Panda Case
The Sherman Denison (TX) Herald Democrat reports on oral arguments at the Texas Fifth District Court of Appeals in litigation brought against ERCOT by...
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Judgment Upheld Ordering Retail Supplier To Pay >$500,000, In Suit Over Trade Secrets
The Supreme Court Of New Hampshire has upheld a 2016 verdict from a trial court in which Provider Power, and various affiliates and principals, were o...
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NRG Residential Solar Enters $7 Million Class Action Settlement
A $7 million settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against NRG Residential Solar Solutions LLC (“Defendant” or “NRG Residential”). T...
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Lawsuit Filed Against Retail Suppliers, Alleging Violation Of Acquisition Agreement
A lawsuit has been filed in federal court against National Gas & Electric, LLC and Spark Energy, Inc. by Saul Horowitz, as the representative of forme...
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Lawyer Trawling For Participants In Class Action Suits Against Multiple Retail Suppliers
West Philly Local reports on a lawyer seeking participants for various class action suits against a dozen or so retail suppliers West Philly Local re...
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Retail Supplier’s Insurance Provider Balks At Paying Defense Costs For Customer Class Action Suit
The Bangor Daily News reports that the insurer for Electricity Maine is opposing claims under which it would fund legal costs related to Electricity M...
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Retail Supplier Parent Receives Judgement For C$5.8 Million
ONEnergy Inc. announced that it has succeeded in the trial of the litigation commenced by the company against certain former officers, directors, con...
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Texas Appellate Court Dismisses Appeal Related To REP Pass-Throughs, Demand Charge, Rate Class
The Texas Sixth Court of Appeals has dismissed an appeal related to a complaint case which had implicated retail electric providers' obligations to c...
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Customers Purchasing Competitive Gas Supply Entitled To Class Action Settlement Funds
Settlements have been reached with certain defendants in a series of class action lawsuits involving natural gas purchasing in Kansas, Missouri, and W...
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Lawyers To Seek $35 Million In Suit Seeking Class Action Status Against Retail Supplier
The Portland (ME) Press Herald provides an update on a suit, seeking class action status, filed against Electricity Maine, with the plaintiffs' lawyer...
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Texas Supreme Court: Retail Providers "Lack Obligation" To Pass-On Any TDU Discount
The Supreme Court of Texas recently issued an order concerning an appeal of an Oncor rate case which, although it was not the issue squarely before th...
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Court: Illinois Commerce Commission Lacks Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Retail Supplier Rate Disputes
The Illinois Supreme Court has issued an opinion finding that the Illinois Commerce Commission does not have exclusive jurisdiction over contractual r...
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Claim: Retail Supplier Adds Arbitration Clause To Contract, After Class Action Suit Filed
Lawyers representing plaintiffs in a class action suit against Electricity Maine claim that Electricity Maine has newly added a clause to its Maine co...
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