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Lubbock Power & Light, PUC Staff, Others Reach Agreement On ERCOT Costs Related To LP&L Integration
Lubbock Power and Light (LP&L), Staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, the Office of Public Utility Counsel (OPUC), and Texas Industrial Ene...
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State Rep., Businesses File Support For LP&L Move To Retail Choice
A Texas state rep. and several businesses and large customers have filed comments with the Texas PUC supporting the stated intent of Lubbock Power & L...
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Former LPL Board Member Says Utility Can’t Allow Retail Choice While 1/3 Of Load Still In SPP
Charles Dunn, a former member of Lubbock Power and Light's electric utility board, has said that the utility cannot offer retail competition to cu...
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Industrial Investor To Increase Stake In Parent Of Retail Supplier
Calpine Corporation (“Calpine”), on behalf of its subsidiaries that are “public utilities” under Section 201 of the Federal Power Act (the “Calpine Pu...
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Texas PUC Staff Recommend Approving LP&L Integration Into ERCOT With Conditions
In testimony, Staff of the Texas PUC recommended that the Commission approve Lubbock Power and Light's (LP&L) proposal to integrate into ERCOT with th...
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Report: LP&L (And Some NOIE) Rates Higher Than Dallas, Houston Rates
KAMC, via, reports that Lubbock Power & Light bills are materially higher than average electric prices in Dallas and Houston...
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Winning Retail Provider Selected For Texas Opt-In Aggregation
The opt-in aggregation Prosper Waco, serving the Waco, Texas area, has selected Champion Energy Services for its opt-in aggregation program, run by iC...
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Texas Muni Schedules Open House As Result Of Choice Petition, Says Choice Not An Option While In SPP
In response to a customer petition signed by over 14,000 residents to introduce electric choice to the municipal utility (see story here), Lubbock Pow...
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Calpine Does Not Expect FERC To Require Divestitures Under ECP Transaction
Calpine Corporation, in a communication to employees also filed with the SEC, said that it does not expect that FERC or other regulators would require...
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Bloomberg: Energy Capital Partners In Advanced Talks to Acquire Calpine
Bloomberg reported that Energy Capital Partners is in "advanced talks" to acquire Calpine Bloomberg noted that Energy Capital Partners is the largest...
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Thousands Of Frustrated Customers At Texas Muni Sign Petition To End Monopoly, Citing Rate Hikes
"Thousands" of customers of Texas municipal utility Lubbock Power and Light have signed a petition to terminate the muni's, "monopoly," due to frustra...
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Study: ERCOT Annual Avg. LMP Would See Negligible Increase From LP&L Integration
ERCOT and SPP have filed their analysis of Lubbock Power & Light joining ERCOT ERCOT noted that it is not able to allocate system reliability impacts...
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Calpine Reports PJM Capacity Auction Results
Calpine reported its results from the PJM 2020/2021 base residual auction. Calpine cleared a total of 5,309 MW in PJM’s 2020/2021 base residual au...
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Report: Parent of Retail Supplier Exploring Sale
Calpine is exploring a sale and has had discussions with investment banking advisors, The Wall Street Journal reported Among other businesses, Calpin...
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Calpine Cancels Texas Power Plant Slated For Co-op
Calpine announced that, in April 2017, it canceled an agreement with Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) related to the construction of a 418...
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