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Firm Led By Former NRG VP Raises $3.5M To Facilitate Large End User Sales Into Power Markets
Blueprint Power, which describes itself as a real estate and energy tech company, announced today that it has closed a $3.5 million Series A funding r...
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Parent of Utilities With Retail Choice Creates New Chief Digital Officer Role
American Electric Power has named Derek Kramer vice president and chief digital officer, a newly created role with responsibility for leading AEP's d...
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Texas PUC Adopts Revised Order On Smart Meter Texas
The Texas PUC yesterday granted rehearing and adopted certain clarifications to its prior order on changes to Smart Meter Texas (SMT). The PUC adopte...
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Texas PUC Chair Walker Recommends Revisions To SMT Order Clarifying HAN Waiver
Texas PUC Chairman DeAnn Walker has recommended granting a motion for rehearing concerning the PUC's recent Smart Meter Texas order to clarify the wai...
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Centrica: Growth To Come From Adding New Services On Top Of Energy Supply
In an interview with the Financial Times, Centrica chief executive Iain Conn said that growth for the company will come from adding new services on ...
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Clean Energy Developer, PIRG File Suit Against ICC Over NextGrid Process
Illinois PIRG Education Fund and Glidepath Power filed a lawsuit with the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, alleging that the Illinois Commerc...
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Direct Energy Business Adds Unrivaled Energy Monitoring Capabilities to Fixed Energy Plus Solution
The following is a news release from Direct Energy. disclaims any responsibility for the content or data contained in the release be...
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Concierge/Subscription Service Promises "Disruption" Of Retail Energy Industry, Led By Retail Vet
Viv, which describes itself as, "a new technology company aimed at lifestyle betterment," and which is a sister company to Utiliz, announced the launc...
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Dayton Power & Light Launches New Online Marketplace, Said To Be One Of Many Innovative Solutions
The Dayton Power and Light Company has launched a new online marketplace which DP&L described as, "enabling customers to make informed decisions on en...
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Centrica Innovations Invests In Sustainable Building Manufacturer
Centrica Innovations has announced a £400,000 investment into Carbon Dynamic, a leading manufacturer of sustainable modular buildings. "Carbon Dyna...
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Direct Energy Releases New Skills for Customers With Amazon Alexa
Direct Energy formally announced the launch of a new Direct Energy skill for Alexa that will help customers manage their electricity account Most o...
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Duke Energy Partnering To Launch "Citizen Engagement Platform", Digital Ecosystem, Connectivity
The following is a news release from Duke Energy and Smart City Media. disclaims any responsibility for the content or data containe...
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Centrica To Deploy Blockchain Technology As Part Of Local Energy Market Trial
Centrica plc today announced a new trial to explore how blockchain technology could revolutionize the way consumers buy and sell energy. Delivered ...
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Electrify, Blockchain-Focused Retail Supplier, To Enter Japan's Retail Market
Electrify, which currently operates a Southeast Asia retail energy shopping platform that allows peer-to-peer transactions and also offers a compariso...
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New TEPCO Retail Supplier To Offer Solar, Storage To Retail Supply Customers In Japan
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO) announced today the launch of TRENDE Inc., an online renewable energy retailer selling electricity...
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