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Retail Suppliers Ranked As Top Direct Sellers (Revenue Disclosed)
Several retail energy suppliers were ranked in the 2018 Direct Selling News Global 100 List, with 2017 revenue data reported in the rankings. Retail ...
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Texas Electricity Ratings Launches Bill Calculator, Includes Predictive Analysis Of Future Bills
The following is a news release from Texas Electricity Ratings. disclaims any responsibility for the content or data contained in th...
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Consumer Activist: Residential Electric Choice In Pennsylvania "Failing"
Discussing a proposal from the FirstEnergy Pennsylvania utilities to implement a new bypassable adder for default service (first reported by EnergyCho...
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Texas Coalition for Affordable Power Announces New Member City
The Texas Coalition for Affordable Power, described as the largest coalition of cities and special districts of its kind in the state, has welcomed a ...
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Release: Tradition Energy Introduces Innovative Energy Procurement Pricing System
The following is a news release from Tradition Energy. disclaims any responsibility for the content or data contained in the release...
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Brattle Files CONE, VRR Reports For RPM Quadrennial Review, CONE Significantly Lower
PJM has filed reports from the Brattle Group regarding the Cost of New Entry and the Variable Resource Requirement Curve developed in support of the T...
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NJ Passes Nuclear Subsidy Bill Limiting Purchase Obligations To Distribution Utilities
The New Jersey House and Senate both passed S2313, a bill providing subsidies to nuclear units via zero emissions certificates, with the ZEC purchase ...
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PJM Files Dueling Capacity Market Changes At FERC
As PJM recently announced it would do, PJM has filed with FERC two competing and mutually exclusive changes to the capacity market meant to blunt the ...
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Calif. Draft Would Adopt Fees, Security Levels For Municipal Aggregations
A proposed California PUC decision would establish security requirements for community choice aggregations, including determining a per-customer fee u...
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CleanChoice Energy Launches Community Solar Platform
CleanChoice Energy, a renewable energy company offering retail supply and other renewable energy services, has launched CleanChoice Community Solar, ...
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Texas Co-op Members Press For Customer Choice At Annual Meeting
Above-market rates and the lack of customer choice continue to be on the minds of members of Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative (TVEC) in Texas, and...
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Citi To Supply Power To Texas Data Center
Citi has entered into a new arrangement to supply renewable energy for a 10-year term to a QTS Realty Trust (QTS) data center in Irving, TX. The con...
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Maryland PSC Staff Post Community Solar Contract Summary Disclosure Form
Staff of the Maryland PSC have filed, for PSC consideration, a Maryland Community Solar Contract Summary Disclosure with instructions, which are an in...
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Arcadia Power To Offer Community Solar In D.C.
Arcadia Power, which describes itself as, "a home energy platform for clean energy and savings," announced a partnership with local solar provider ...
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FERC Approves Two-Stage Capacity Auction At ISO-NE, Glick Slams MOPR As Propping Up Capacity Prices
FERC approved as proposed ISO New England's Competitive Auctions with Sponsored Policy Resources (CASPR) two-stage capacity auction mechanism, which i...
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