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Centrica Launches Route-To-Market Business In Italy
Centrica plc has launched its route-to-market business in Italy, with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Glennmont Partners for the trading and bal...
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Joule Community Power Launches Community Solar For NY Town
The Town of Geneva, NY and Joule Community Power announced the launch of Geneva Community Power, a new community solar project for NYSEG customers res...
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DMN Watchdog Reports Customer With Legacy REP (Former A-REP) Paying 17¢/kWh For Power
In a column providing shopping tips for Texas electric customers, Dave Lieber, The Watchdog columnist for The Dallas Morning News, reports that one cu...
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Some Industry Investors Question If Blockchain In Energy Is Overhyped
In a further story on Power Ledger, a company enabling peer-to-peer power trading via blockchain, the Australian Financial Review reports some industr...
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Power Trading Blockchain Provider Criticized For Paying "Spruikers", Bots To Promote Offering
The Australian Financial Review reports that Power Ledger, a company enabling peer-to-peer power trading via blockchain, has been criticized for compe...
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PJM Says Market-Based Mechanisms Should Be Explored For Fuel Security, In Releasing Final Report
PJM Interconnection today released its full Fuel Security Analysis PJM previously previewed results of the study in November (see story here) PJM's ...
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Ohio Supreme Court Says PUC May Impose "Financial" Limitations On Shopping
In addressing appeals of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's order adopting an electric security plan at AEP Ohio (see story here), the Supreme ...
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Poughkeepsie Selects Administrator For Opt-out Municipal Aggregation
The Poughkeepsie City Council authorized JouleCommunity to act as their program administrator for an opt-out municipal aggregation (aka Community Choi...
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Group Of Pa. Lawmakers Say PJM Capacity Market Opt-Out "May Be" Solution To Keep Nuclear Plants Open
A group of Pennsylvania lawmakers, who have formed the Nuclear Energy Caucus, released a report warning of nuclear power plant shutdowns and offering ...
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FERC Rejects Generator’s Complaint That Sought Use Of Centralized Capacity Procurement In CAISO
FERC rejected as unsupported a complaint from CXA La Paloma, LLC which alleged that the resource adequacy regime in California is unjust, unreasonable...
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European Court Blocks U.K. Capacity Market
The Court of Justice of the European Union has blocked the U.K.'s capacity market construct The Court found that the European Commission (essentially...
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Community Energy Receives $9.7 Million in Financing for Massachusetts Community Solar Projects
Community Energy, Inc. announced with Key Equipment Finance, an affiliate of KeyCorp, that a $7.8 million tax lease and a $1.9 million term loan has b...
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ESCO Files Comments On New York Community Distributed Generation Compensation
Drift Marketplace, Inc. filed comments with the New York PSC supporting recommendations in a DPS Staff July 26 Community Distributed Generation (CDG) ...
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Oncor To Acquire InfraREIT; Sempra Energy To Acquire 50% Stake In Sharyland Utilities
Sempra Energy and Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC announced that they have entered into agreements whereby Oncor will acquire 100 percent of the...
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ICC: Capacity Markets "Inherently Flawed", FERC Should Focus On PJM Energy Market Price Formation
In comments filed at FERC on PJM's capacity market, the MOPR, and potential "carve-out" for subsidized generation/load, the Illinois Commerce Commissi...
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