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Report Alleges Utility 'Bankrolled' News Site, Which Parroted Talking Points Against Retail Choice
The Miami Herald published a report by Sarah Blaskey which alleges that Florida Power & Light Company CEO Eric Silagy was "secretly running" Florid...
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Florida Electric Choice Opponents Ask Secretary Of State To Revoke Petition Signatures
Floridians For Truth has written a letter to the Florida Secretary of State asking that the Secretary invalidate signatures submitted in favor of the ...
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Florida Energy Choice Backer Again Alleges Utilities Could Be Bankrolling Unrelated Voter Petitions
The Sun-Sentinel published a review of the climate of the Florida ballot petition process in the state. In such story, a representative for a group b...
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Op-Ed Favoring Electric Choice Published In Miami Herald
The Miami Herald published an op-ed in favor of Florida electric choice by Marc Hyden, Southeast region director for the R Street Institute. See the...
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Florida "Crisis" As State's Broken Election Website Hampers Ballot Initiatives (Electric Choice)
The Tampa Bay Times reports on glitches and problems with a Florida Department of State website created, per legislation, to be used by entities to r...
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Mailers To Florida Voters Signing Electric Choice Petition Warn Signatories That They Were "Duped"
The Miami Herald reports that a political committee in Florida is sending out letters to signatories of the electric choice petition warning the sign...
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Florida AFL-CIO Passes Resolution Opposing Electric Choice Amendment
The Florida AFL-CIO has adopted a resolution opposing a proposed Florida ballot initiative to introduce electric choice to the state, Florida Politics...
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Report: The Movement For Florida 'Energy Choice' Is Losing Power
Sunshine State News published a story stating that the electric choice movement in Florida is "losing power" The Sunshine State News story cites pr...
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Report: "Attorney Inadvertently Admits Deregulation Ballot Language Is Inconsistent, Misleading"
The Capitolist gives its take on last week's Florida state Supreme Court oral arguments on ballot language for the proposed electric choice initiative...
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Florida Supreme Court Justices Question Language Of Electric Choice Initiative
Multiple news outlets, including the Miami Herald (story here) and Florida Politics (story here) have labeled Florida's Supreme Court justices as "ske...
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Opponents Of Florida Electric Choice Make Case Ahead Of Today's Supreme Court Arguments
Opponents of a proposed electric choice ballot initiative in Florida held a news conference yesterday to reiterate their case, ahead of today's argume...
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Poll: 40% Of Florida Voters In Favor Of Electric Choice, Support Drops On Hearing About Costs
A poll of Florida voters found that about 40% support the proposed electric choice ballot initiative, Florida Politics reports. Per a poll by Americ...
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Florida Politics Columnist: Electric Choice Would Make People Sick; Dueling Op-Eds Debate Texas
Drew Wilson, who covers legislative campaigns and fundraising for Florida Politics, writes that electric choice in Florida would make people sick Wi...
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FL Group Spends $800K On Petition Gatherers In Scheme Alleged To Create Barriers To Electric Choice
The Miami Herald reports further on the Florida group Keep Our Constitution Clean, which the Herald reports, "has spent more than $800,000 on pai...
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Former FL PSC Chair: FPL "Distort[ing] Truth", Using "Scare Tactics" In Fight Against Energy Choice
Nancy Argenziano, former chair Florida Public Service Commission, had an op-ed published in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, in which Argenziano writ...
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