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OCC: FES "Required" To Notify PUCO Of "Intent" To File For Reorganization
In comments seeking to rebut FirstEnergy Solutions' objection (see story here) to the Ohio Consumer Counsel's petition for FES to make its cus...
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FirstEnergy Reports Results From PJM Capacity Auction, Calls Prices "Unsustainable" For Coal, Nukes
FirstEnergy reported its results from the recent PJM capacity auction. FirstEnergy called capacity prices from the auction, along with current ener...
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New Suit Filed Against FirstEnergy Solutions Over Polar Vortex Surcharge
A new suit, seeking class action status, has been filed against FirstEnergy Solutions over what became known as its polar vortex surcharge (pass-thro...
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FE Settles Coal Contract Dispute, Other Disputes Could Still Prompt FES Bankruptcy
FirstEnergy in an SEC filing disclosed that, in connection with the previously disclosed arbitration proceeding between FirstEnergy Generation, LLC (F...
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FirstEnergy Solutions Marketing To NOPEC Customers With Lower Rates
Crain's Cleveland Business reports that a few months after walking away from its NOPEC supply contract, FirstEnergy Solutions is now targeting NOPEC c...
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Retail Supplier Dropping Customers To Default Service
FirstEnergy Solutions is dropping certain Maryland customers, including some in the Potomac Edison service area, to default service if customers do no...
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FERC OKs Revised FirstEnergy Solutions Market Based Rate Tariff In Light Of Sought Affiliate PPA
FERC has accepted a revised market-based rate tariff for FirstEnergy Solutions (FES) that FERC had directed in response to a FERC order which had resc...
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NOPEC To Receive $5 Million From FirstEnergy Solutions Under Settlement
NOPEC is to receive $5.4 million from FirstEnergy Solutions under a settlement concerning termination of FES's supply agreement with NOPEC, The Clevel...
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Update: FirstEnergy Solutions, NOPEC In Court Concerning Letter of Credit
FirstEnergy Solutions sought relief from an Ohio court to block NOPEC from calling on a letter of credit provided by FES backing FES's supply obligati...
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Earnings Report Details FirstEnergy Solutions’ Decline in Retail Sales, Customers
FirstEnergy's Q1 earnings report includes details regarding the decline in competitive retail sales at FirstEnergy Solutions, consistent with its ...
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FirstEnergy Solutions Details Customer, Volume Declines in Earnings Report
Consistent with its previously reported strategy of scaling back its competitive retail business, FirstEnergy reported declines in retail customer cou...
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Report: FirstEnergy Solutions Dropping PECO Customers to Default Service
The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that FirstEnergy Solutions is set to drop a number of customers at PECO to default service as it declines to renew t...
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County Files Polar Vortex Complaint Against FirstEnergy Solutions
Lucas County, Ohio is the latest large customer to file a complaint against FirstEnergy Solutions at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio concernin...
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FirstEnergy Solutions Reports Reduced Retail Sales
FirstEnergy Solutions reported lower retail sales for the first quarter of 2015, consistent with its previously reported strategy to pullback from the...
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FirstEnergy PPAs Carry $3 Billion in Extra Costs, OCC Says
The Cleveland Plain Dealer recaps testimony in FirstEnergy Ohio's electric security plan proceeding, including the Consumer Counsel's testimony that t...
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