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FERC Commissioner LaFleur Not Seeking Another Term Will Depart Commission
FERC Commissioner Cheryl A. LaFleur announced that she is no longer seeking a third term at FERC, and will be leaving the Commission later in 2019. ...
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FERC Says, Even In Bankruptcy, Commission Approval Needed To Modify Filed Rates
In response to requests for declaratory orders prompted by an expected bankruptcy filing by Pacific Gas & Electric, FERC issued an order which clarifi...
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NextEra Files Complaint At FERC To Prevent PG&E From Abrogating Wholesale PPAs In Bankruptcy
NextEra Energy, Inc. and NextEra Energy Partners, L.P. (collectively, “NextEra”) filed at FERC a petition for declaratory order, complaint and request...
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FERC Proposes to Ease Regulatory Burden for Certain Market-Based Rate Sellers
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) said in a news release that it has, "proposed to revise the horizontal market power analysis required ...
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Senate Confirms McNamee To FERC
The U.S. Senate has confirmed Bernard L. McNamee to join the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. See background on McNamee here...
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ICC: Capacity Markets "Inherently Flawed", FERC Should Focus On PJM Energy Market Price Formation
In comments filed at FERC on PJM's capacity market, the MOPR, and potential "carve-out" for subsidized generation/load, the Illinois Commerce Commissi...
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Generator To Pay $250,000 For Capacity Payments Made To Closed, Inoperable Power Plant
FERC approved a Stipulation and Consent Agreement (Agreement) between the Office of Enforcement (Enforcement) and Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. (WTI)...
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ICC Hosting Policy Session on FERC’s Decision on PJM Capacity Market Reform (RPM Opt-Out)
The Illinois Commerce Commission will hold today a Policy Session on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)’s Decision on PJM Capacity Market...
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SECA Charges Which Killed Nascent Retail Markets Live On At FERC, Allocation To New Suppliers
FERC granted, in part, a complaint filed by American Electric Power Service Corporation Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (MISO), claimi...
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Federal Court Upholds Illinois Nuclear Subsidy Mechanism
The United States Court of Appeals For the Seventh Circuit has upheld Illinois' nuclear subsidy program (ZECs), finding that the program does not int...
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FERC Approves Application Aimed At Preserving ERCOT Status Quo In Light Of Mexican Grid Changes
FERC approved as-filed an application and settlement among Sharyland Utilities, L.P. (“Sharyland”), AEP Texas, Inc. (“AEP Texas”), and Electric Transm...
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Dissenting FERC Commissioners Blast Allowing Demands Of Retiring Exelon Unit To Set Market Policy
FERC issued an order regarding a cost-of-service agreement sought by Exelon Generation Company, LLC for Mystic 8 and 9, win which FERC accepted the fi...
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FERC Directs ISO-NE To Propose Cost-of-Service Treatment For Resources Needed For Fuel Security
In denying a requested waiver sought by ISO New England to allow cost-of-service treatment for Exelon Generation Company, LLC's (Exelon) Mystic 8 and ...
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FERC May Let Discrete Load Avoid Capacity Market, Allocation To Retail Suppliers Key
In an order in which FERC found PJM's existing capacity market minimum offer price rule (MOPR) to be unjust and unreasonable (and found various propos...
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FERC Issues Show Cause Order To New England Generator
FERC directed Footprint Power LLC and Footprint Power Salem Harbor Operations LLC (collectively, Footprint) to, "show cause why they should not be fou...
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