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ERCOT Files Language To Implement Operating Reserve Demand Curve Changes
As directed by the Commissioners of the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) at the PUCT’s January 17, 2019 open meeting, ERCOT has filed an Othe...
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Power Trader Opposed To ORDC Changes In ERCOT Now Concerned With Impact On Retail Market
Aspire Power Ventures, LP filed comments with the Texas PUC opposing various proposed changes to the Operating Reserves Demand Curve (ORDC), and, in d...
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Texas PUC Chair: December Decision on ERCOT Market Changes Not A "Rush"
During yesterday's open meeting, Texas PUC Chairman DeAnn Walker pushed back against claims that the PUC is "rushing" on changes to ERCOT's energy-on...
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Texas Generators Say Real-Time Co-optimization Would Harm ERCOT Reliability
Several generators told the Texas PUC in comments on an evaluation of real-time co-optimization (RTC) in the ERCOT market that adoption of RTC would h...
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Policy Advisor To Former Texas PUC Commissioner Says ORDC Contains Errors In LOLP Calculation
Richard E. Wakeland, P.E., former Policy Advisor to former Texas PUC Commissioner Kenneth W. Anderson, has submitted comments to the Texas PUC concern...
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SMU Academic Says ERCOT Needs Capacity Market
In an op-ed published on, Bernard L. Weinstein, Associate Director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute, claims that a "capacity charge" in ...
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ERCOT Schedules Technical Workshop On Real-Time Co-Optimization, Marginal Losses
At the August 9, 2018 Open Meeting, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) requested that the IMM and ERCOT host a technical workshop on the fil...
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ERCOT Backcast Finds Minimal Impact To Generator Revenues From Removing RUC From ORDC
ERCOT filed with the Texas PUC a report on the impact of removing Reliability Unit Commitment capacity from the online reserves used to calculate the ...
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STEC Raises Issue Of Texas Entities Paying For Reserves Being Able To Rely On Them During Emergency
In comments to the Texas PUC concerning potential energy-only market changes, South Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc. said, "the ERCOT structure and no...
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ERCOT Posts Draft of Process For Estimating Economically Optimum & Market Equilibrium Reserve Margin
ERCOT has posted to its Resource Adequacy Webpage for a 30-day public review and comment period the initial public draft of the document titled Study ...
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Calpine/NRG Present Paper on Price Formation "Improvements" In ERCOT (Elimination of 4CP)
Calpine and NRG Energy have filed with the Texas PUC a paper by William W. Hogan, Harvard University and Susan L. Pope, FTI Consulting, which argues t...
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Calpine CEO Calls ERCOT Market An, "Inherently Poor Regulatory Design"
Discussing Calpine's announcement that it cancelled an agreement with Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) related to the construction of ...
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Calpine CEO (Again) Claims Up To 30% of ERCOT Generation Losing Money
In an oft-repeated refrain during earnings calls, Calpine CEO Thad Hill said Friday, "We believe up to 30% of the assets in Texas [ERCOT] are los...
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FERC’s Bay: Energy-Only Market Is Most Market-Oriented Solution, With Greatest Efficiency
An energy-only market is the most market-oriented and perhaps most efficient approach to resource adequacy issues, outgoing FERC Commissioner Norman B...
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ERCOT Proposes Process To Conduct New Economically Optimal Reserve Margin Studies
ERCOT has submitted a letter to the Texas PUC in response to a request made during the Open Meeting on September 22, 2016, for input on providing an a...
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