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Vertiv to Provide Energy Savings as a Service to Telefónica, Including Sites In America
Vertiv and Telefónica announced a global, long-term partnership to boost energy savings through fit-for-purpose infrastructure solutions. Under the ...
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FERC Says States Cannot Bar Energy Efficiency Wholesale Participation Absent FERC OK
FERC, in a ruling on the participation of Kentucky energy efficiency resources in PJM, asserted that it has jurisdiction over the participation of ene...
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Retail Supplier Launches Energy Efficiency Program
U.S. Gas & Electric, Inc. announced the launch of a new energy efficiency program, offering various energy-efficiency technologies and information und...
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ENGIE Resources Launches Financing Solution For Energy Efficiency Initiatives
ENGIE Resources officially announced that it is now offering a new financing solution designed to support energy efficiency and sustainability program...
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PUC OKs AEP Efficiency Plan, Includes Smart Thermostat Provisions Addressing Retail Supplier Concern
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has adopted an order setting funding and provisions for ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs at AEP Ohi...
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WSJ: Energy-Pinching Americans Pose "Threat" to Power Grid
The Wall Street Journal takes a look at what declining sales and potential adoption of distributed power mean for traditional generation and distribut...
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Claim: End of FirstEnergy Utility Efficiency Programs in Ohio Aimed at Boosting Prices for FES
John Funk, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, takes a look at the FirstEnergy Ohio utilities' petitions to dramatically scale back ratepayer-funded en...
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