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DMN Watchdog Reports Customer With Legacy REP (Former A-REP) Paying 17¢/kWh For Power
In a column providing shopping tips for Texas electric customers, Dave Lieber, The Watchdog columnist for The Dallas Morning News, reports that one cu...
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Ohio Supreme Court Says PUC May Impose "Financial" Limitations On Shopping
In addressing appeals of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's order adopting an electric security plan at AEP Ohio (see story here), the Supreme ...
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Dallas Morning News Watchdog Opposes End Of Rate Postings On Texas Power to Choose
Dave Lieber, Watchdog columnist for the Dallas Morning News, wrote a column opposing an end to the posting of retail electric provider pricing on the ...
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Former Texas Rep. Who Led Restructuring Says Power to Choose Needs "Standardization"
In an interview with Texas Monthly, former Texas state representative Steve Wolens, credited with leading efforts to introduce customer choice, said t...
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One Big Switch COO Interviewed By KHOU
KHOU-11 interviewed One Big Switch COO David Liston Aggregator One Big Switch has over 60,000 members in Texas See interview story here...
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Claim: New Electricity Shopping Sites "Mislead" Customers
The Bangor (ME) Daily News published a story alleging that various retail electricity shopping websites (brokers), "provide incomplete price listings ...
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Candidate For Texas Speaker (King): "Going To Take A Look" At Texas Power To Choose Issues
Dave Lieber, Watchdog columnist for The Dallas Morning News, recently sat down with Texas State Rep. Phil King, who Lieber notes is campaigning to be ...
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Academic: "Artificial" Configuration Of Texas Power To Choose "Rammed" Down Consumers’ Throats
Houston Chronicle columnist L.M. Sixel has published a good read on the emergence of various concierge-style power buying services in Texas, which inc...
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Claim: Lack Of Switching In Texas Results In $2 Billion In Higher Cost For Customers
Houston Chronicle columnist L.M. Sixel writes that customers who do not routinely switch retail providers in the Texas electric market end up paying h...
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Chron Columnist: Electricity Shoppers "Shut Out" Of Best Deals (New Customers Only)
Writing in the Houston Chronicle, L.M. Sixel bemoans that some retail electric providers' best deals on Power to Choose -- the lowest rates to ent...
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Consumer Activist: Residential Electric Choice In Pennsylvania "Failing"
Discussing a proposal from the FirstEnergy Pennsylvania utilities to implement a new bypassable adder for default service (first reported by EnergyCho...
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WSJ: Hotels Countering Shrinking Margins By Using Google To Limit Online Shopping Platforms’ Reach
The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board has published an editorial examining practices being undertaken by hotels to combat shrinking margins caused b...
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PUC Encourages Consumers to Include Electric, Natural Gas Shopping on Black Friday 'To Do' Lists
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) encouraged consumers to add electric and natural gas shopping to their Black Friday “To Do” lists, an...
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DMN Watchdog Updates Texas Electric Shopping Guide (First Rule: "System is Rigged")
Dave Lieber, Dallas Morning News Watchdog columnist, published an updated Texas electric shopping guide Notable advice from the guide includes: ...
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Houston Chronicle: How To Avoid A Scam When Picking A Power Plan In Texas
The Houston Chronicle has published a slideshow with tips to avoid a scam when picking a power plan in Texas See the story here...
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