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State Officials, Business Leaders Oppose Florida Electric Choice Ballot Initiative
Various stakeholders have filed briefs concerning placement of the proposed Florida electric choice initiative on the ballot, with various state offic...
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Arizona Republic Columnist Favors Revived Discussion Of Retail Electric Competition
Robert Robb, columnist for the Arizona Republic, has published a column favoring the previously reported (story here) revived discussion of retail ele...
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Florida Chamber Files Brief Alleging Electric Choice Ballot Proposal Unconstitutional
The Florida Chamber of Commerce filed a brief with the Florida state supreme court, which is charged with reviewing proposed ballot initiatives for co...
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Report: Proposed Florida Electric Choice Amendment Gets Fire From All Sides
The Florida Phoenix published a story recapping various parties' positions on Florida's proposed electric choice ballot initiative, with the Phoenix n...
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Report: Florida Electric Choice Amendment Both "Builds Momentum" and "Limps Along"
Florida Politics reports that Citizens for Energy Choice, which is backing the Florida electric choice ballot initiative, has added over 50,000 signat...
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Florida Energy Choice Group Calls For Veto Of Bill Changing Ballot Initiative Process
Citizens for Energy Choices, the group backing an energy choice ballot initiative in Florida, has written a letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis urging him to ...
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Virginia Dem. Says Will "Revisit" Electric Market Structure If Win Legislative Majority
Virginia Delegate Mark L. Keam (D-Fairfax) told The Washington Post that he would like to "revisit" the "whole area" of electric i...
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Union Says Energy Choice Hazardous To Workers
Florida Politics reports that the Florida Electrical Workers Association has said that electric choice threatened workers’ livelihood See Florida Pol...
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Florida Energy Choice Advocates File Brief With Supreme Court
Sponsors of a proposed electric choice ballot initiative in Florida have filed a required legal brief with the state's Supreme Court The brief ...
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Opening Entergy Texas To Choice Should Serve As Test Of Whether Suppliers Can Really Succeed
During DNV GL's Energy Executive Forum, several representatives from retail energy suppliers bemoaned the fact that Texas was the last electric mark...
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Florida Passes Bill Making It Harder For Initiatives To Appear On Ballot (Energy Choice)
Both Florida houses have passed a bill (HB 5) which, via an amendment, makes it harder for citizens initiatives, such as energy choice, to appear on t...
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Arizona Staff Set Date For Release Of Proposed Revisions To Retail Electric Competition Rules
In releasing proposed revisions to renewable and other energy rules, Staff of the Arizona Corporation Commission indicated that, "Staff's proposal wit...
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Florida Chamber Files Legal Brief Opposing Inclusion Of Electric Choice Initiative On Ballot
The Florida Chamber of Commerce has filed a brief with the Florida supreme court opposing inclusion of the proposed electric choice initiative on the ...
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Update: Florida Bill Requiring New Hurdles For 2020 Ballot Initiatives Advances To Floor Vote
An amended version of a previously reported House bill (House Bill 7111) that would impose new requirements on ballot initiatives, effective for the 2...
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Florida Competition Advocate: Energy Choice Is Not The Same As Deregulation
The Tallahassee Democrat published an op-ed from Alex Patton, chairperson of Citizens for Energy Choices, who was responding to a recent op-ed from an...
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