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Florida Chamber Files Legal Brief Opposing Inclusion Of Electric Choice Initiative On Ballot
The Florida Chamber of Commerce has filed a brief with the Florida supreme court opposing inclusion of the proposed electric choice initiative on the ...
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Update: Florida Bill Requiring New Hurdles For 2020 Ballot Initiatives Advances To Floor Vote
An amended version of a previously reported House bill (House Bill 7111) that would impose new requirements on ballot initiatives, effective for the 2...
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Florida Competition Advocate: Energy Choice Is Not The Same As Deregulation
The Tallahassee Democrat published an op-ed from Alex Patton, chairperson of Citizens for Energy Choices, who was responding to a recent op-ed from an...
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South Carolina Competitive Supply Bill Advances From Senate Committee (Already Passed House)
A South Carolina bill (H 3659) to create a competitive supply program that would allow retail customers to procure renewable energy supplies from thir...
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Professor Urges Retail Electric Choice For South Carolina
Jerry Ellig, research professor at the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center, authored an op-ed in the Post and Courier urging the i...
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Op-Ed Against Florida Choice Published In Tallahassee Democrat
The Tallahassee Democrat has published an op-ed by Gil Ziffer opposing the proposed electric choice ballot initiative Ziffer is a former Tallahasse...
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Report: Power Retailers Reach Limit Of Deregulated Markets
Recapping a discussion at Energy Marketing Conferences' Eleventh Semi-Annual Energy Marketing Conference in Houston, the Houston Chronicle's L.M. Sixe...
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Clean Energy Group Opposes Florida Electric Choice; FARE Gets Op-Ed Published
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy has published a blog post stating that it does not support the proposed electric choice ballot initiative in Florid...
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Facebook, Google, General Motors, Walmart Launch Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance
Google, Facebook, General Motors and Walmart, along with over 300 other companies, launched the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) today, which R...
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Column: Va. Denial Of Wal-Mart Retail Supply Application A Missed Opportunity To Embrace Renewables
The Washington Post published a column by Joe Rinzel, executive director of Employers for Renewable Energy, in which Rinzel says that the Virginia SC...
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Opponents Of Florida Electric Choice Criticize Commission's Fiscal Impact Statement
Opponents of a proposed ballot initiative to adopt electric choice in Florida have criticized the fiscal impact statement concerning the initiative t...
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Op-Ed From Florida Electric Choice Opponent Published In Two Publications
An op-ed opposing electric choice in Florida, authored by Lila Jaber, regional managing shareholder and governmental affairs practice group leader a...
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Kansas Senate Approves Bill Requiring Study Of Retail Competition As Part Of Rate Study
The Kansas Senate has passed a substitute version of SB 69 which requires the Kansas Corporation Commission to conduct a study on electric rates, aft...
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Florida Leaders Continue Work On Language, Presentation For Florida Electric Choice Ballot Question
Florida policymakers continued work yesterday on identifying how to present the Florida electric choice ballot initiative to voters on the ballot and ...
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Florida Electric Choice Proponent Says Tax Changes Needed If Choice Adopted, Gov.'s Office Skeptical
The Capitolist reported that during a Florida hearing examining impacts from a proposed Florida electric choice ballot initiative, Jon Wellinghoff, sp...
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