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Boston News Reviews AG's Concerns With Electric Choice
WCVB-Boston ran a story regarding the Mass. Attorney General's concerns with electric choice and previously reported proposal (details here) from the ...
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RESA Releases Research Showing Cost Disparity Between Monopoly And Competitive Electricity States
The Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA) released new research on electricity price trends which it said, "reveals an eye-opening cost dispari...
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PSC Posts Videos On What To Do When Solicited Via Door-to-Door, Telemarketing For Retail Energy
The Maryland PSC has posted to its youtube account a series of energy choice educational videos. The videos include, among others with more general...
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Florida Electric Choice Petition Drive Ahead Of Schedule, Proponents Say
The Gainesville (FL) Sun ran an update concerning the previously reported Florida electric choice ballot initiative See the Gainesville Sun for the s...
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Florida Electric Choice Ballot Initiative Cross Threshold For Court Language Review
The previously reported Florida electric choice ballot initiative has crossed the threshold of signatures needed to trigger a review of the initiative...
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Business Groups Oppose Florida Electric Choice Ballot Initiative
The Florida Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries of Florida, which wield considerable influence in Florida, have announced their opposition ...
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Arizona Issues Written Policy Statement To Expand Competitive Electric Supply Program To Medium C&Is
The Arizona Corporation Commission issued a written policy statement to institute a competitive electric supply buy-through program open to medium-siz...
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Florida Electric Choice Ballot Initiative Reports Progress On Required Signatures
Florida's committee Citizens for Energy Choices has filed more than 60,000 valid petition signatures with a state agency as part of a process to get...
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Op-Ed, Authored By Direct's Cerniglia, Defending Electric Choice Published In Maryland Matters
Ron Cerniglia, director of corporate and regulatory affairs for Direct Energy, had an op-ed published in Maryland Matters defending electric choice ...
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South Carolina Bill Would Require Competitive Supply Program
A bill has been introduced in the South Carolina Senate (SB 332) that would allow large customers to direct their utility to purchase renewable energy...
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Op-Ed Supporting Retail Electric Choice Published By The Hill
Joseph Vasapoli, who previously served as special assistant to Deputy Secretary of Energy Linda G. Stuntz and special assistant to Federal Energy Regu...
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Coalition Seeks To Allow Direct Contracting Between Retail Customers, Suppliers In South Carolina
A coalition of solar industry groups, conservation organizations, and clean energy advocates have included as part of a proposed clean energy agenda f...
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Update: Petition Seeks To Get Energy Choice Proposal On Florida 2020 Ballot
Florida Watchdog has more details on the proposed 2020 Florida electric choice ballot initiative See Watchdog's story here The launch of the ballot...
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Work Progresses On Florida Ballot Initiative To Introduce Electric Choice
The Pensacola News Journal has provided an update on efforts by Citizens for Energy Choices to place on the 2020 ballot an initiative to open the stat...
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Maryland Chamber CEO Defends Electric Choice In Op-Ed
In response to a recent story in the Baltimore Sun concerning an analysis from the Office of People's Counsel, which had said customers served by ...
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