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Utility Proposes Offering "Discounted" SOS TOU Rates For EV Customers, Green Add-On SOS Product
Pepco has filed a new transportation electrification program with the District of Columbia PSC, in which Pepco proposes, among other things, several n...
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Pa. PUC Proposes That EV Charging Not Be Considered Resale, Public Charging Not Subject To ...
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) will issue a proposed policy on third-party electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that seeks to pro...
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Utility ComEd Offering EV Rideshare Service
ComEd is partnering with Innova EV and the Bronzeville Community Development Partnership to test a unique electric vehicle (EV) transportation service...
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Constellation Technology Ventures Among Investors In Commercial Truck Electrification Company
XL Hybrids, Inc., which provides connected fleet electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, recently announced it has raised an ov...
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Parent of Retail Suppliers Buys EV Charging Service Provider, Station Operator
Royal Dutch Shell has entered into an agreement to purchase NewMotion In Europe, NewMotion offers EV chargers for homes, businesses and public park...
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Retail Supplier To Pay Customers In Exchange For Authority To Manage Customer’s EV (Vehicle-to-Grid)
Nissan and U.K. retail supplier Ovo will launch a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) offering for private customers buying the new Nissan LEAF from January 2018, w...
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Vivint Solar To Offer ChargePoint EV Chargers As Part Of "First Fully Integrated Solar Solution"
Vivint Solar, Inc. today announced a strategic agreement with ChargePoint, described as the world's largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, to...
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Pa. PUC Opens Review Of Third Party Electric Vehicle Charging Services
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) approved a motion by Chairman Gladys M. Brown to explore issues related to the operation of third-pa...
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Tesla Seeks to Acquire SolarCity, Create Clean Energy Company Offering "End-to-End" Solutions
Tesla announced that it has made an offer to acquire SolarCity. Tesla said that, under such combination which would add distributed solar to Tesla's...
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Reuters: Apple Explores EV Charging Business; NRG Comment Fuels Speculation
Reuters reported exclusively that Apple is exploring the electric vehicle charging business, and has had discussions with companies in the EV charging...
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Nissan Partnering To Offer Home Electricity Storage Solution
Nissan and power management leader Eaton have announced a partnership to offer a new residential energy storage unit called xStorage in the United Kin...
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EV Charging Provider To Pay Customers To Charge Vehicles
The following is a news release from eMotorWerks. disclaims any responsibility for the content of the release below, and makes no av...
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SCE Receives Approval For EV Charger Installation Program
Southern California Edison received approval from state regulators to begin a pilot project to support installation of as many as 1,500 electric vehic...
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NRG EVgo Said To Open "Nation’s Largest Public Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Site"
NRG EVgo said that its new EVgo Freedom Station at a Lucky supermarket in Fremont, Calif., "is the nation's largest publicly-available multi-standard ...
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NRG EVgo, BMW Partnership to Quadruple EVgo Fast Charging National Network
The following is a news release from NRG EVgo. disclaims any responsibility for the content of the release below, and makes no averm...
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