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PUCT To FERC: Scarcity Pricing Mechanisms Alleviate Need For "Resilience-Based Regulatory Controls"
In comments jointly filed by ERCOT and the Texas PUC in a FERC proceeding on grid "resilience" in RTOs, ERCOT and the Texas PUC described the variety ...
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ERCOT Backcast Finds Minimal Impact To Generator Revenues From Removing RUC From ORDC
ERCOT filed with the Texas PUC a report on the impact of removing Reliability Unit Commitment capacity from the online reserves used to calculate the ...
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ERCOT, SPP File Reports On Integration Of Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative Into ERCOT
ERCOT and SPP have filed with the Texas PUC reports and analyses concerning cost and other impacts of the proposed transition of a portion of Rayburn ...
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ERCOT: Variation Discovered w/Day-Ahead Market Hub Bus Modeling Affecting DAM Hub SPPs
ERCOT said in a February 16 market notice that it recently became aware of a pricing discrepancy with respect to published DAM Hub SPPs. "ERCOT ha...
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ERCOT Files New NPRR For Mapping Registered Distributed Generation to Transmission Loads
ERCOT has posted new Nodal Protocol Revision Request NPRR866, Mapping Registered Distributed Generation and Load Resources to Transmission Loads in th...
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Discount Power (Texas) Leadership Elected to ERCOT Committees, Board Alternate
Discount Power (Texas), a Houston-based retail electricity provider, today announced that Mohsin Hassan, Discount Power’s Chief Operating Officer, and...
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ERCOT Holding IT Forum On Road Map For Retail Market System Changes
On Friday February 23, 2018, ERCOT will host a WebEx forum for Information Technology (IT) personnel of Market Participants involved in the ERCOT reta...
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Oral Arguments Heard In ERCOT vs. Panda Case
The Sherman Denison (TX) Herald Democrat reports on oral arguments at the Texas Fifth District Court of Appeals in litigation brought against ERCOT by...
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Texas PUC Chair Responds To Legislator Letters On ERCOT Reserve Margin
Texas PUC Chairman DeAnn Walker has written responses to several Texas legislators who had written the Commission expressing concerns about ERCOT's fo...
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ERCOT Files Update To 4CP Report, Explains Adjustments
ERCOT filed with the Texas PUC an update to its 4CP report to explain further an adjustment that was made when ERCOT noted a difference between the su...
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Texas Pols Raise Concern About "Blackouts", Price Spikes From ERCOT Reserve Margin
Texas State Rep. Drew Springer has raised concerns about "blackouts" from ERCOT's projected low reserve margin In a letter to the Texas PUC, Springe...
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ERCOT Increasing Minimum Quantities of Responsive Reserve Service To Be Procured
ERCOT said in a market notice that, on February 1, 2018, ERCOT will increase the minimum quantities of Responsive Reserve Service to be procured for F...
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Lubbock Power & Light, PUC Staff, Others Reach Agreement On ERCOT Costs Related To LP&L Integration
Lubbock Power and Light (LP&L), Staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, the Office of Public Utility Counsel (OPUC), and Texas Industrial Ene...
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CPS Energy Objects To ERCOT 4CP Report, Seeks Changes
CPS Energy filed comments with the Texas PUC objecting to the data presented by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. (ERCOT) in its ERCOT R...
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TCEQ Exercises Enforcement Discretion On Texas Generation Air Permits During Weather Event
ERCOT said in a market notice that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has communicated to ERCOT that, effective immediately (as of t...
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