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FERC Rules Storage In RTOs Should Be Charged LMPs For Energy Charging For Resale
FERC issued a final order governing the participation of storage resources in organized markets. FERC's final rule requires each jurisdictional RTO t...
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ERCOT Files New NPRR For Mapping Registered Distributed Generation to Transmission Loads
ERCOT has posted new Nodal Protocol Revision Request NPRR866, Mapping Registered Distributed Generation and Load Resources to Transmission Loads in th...
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Ohio Adopts Order Addressing Net Metering Compensation To Customers Of Retail Suppliers
PUCO adopted an order addressing net metering compensation for customers of competitive retail electric service (CRES) suppliers PUCO held that CRES ...
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Illinois Launching NextGrid Utility Of The Future Study, Electricity Markets, Customer Issues On Tap
The Illinois Commerce Commission will launch its NextGrid utility of the future study on Sept. 28 NextGrid is an approximately 18-month consumer-foc...
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NY PSC Affirms Utilities May Own Distributed Generation
The New York PSC issued a rehearing order affirming the circumstances under which the distribution utilities may own distributed energy resources As ...
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NY PSC Approves ConEd Shared Solar Program For Low-Income Customers
ConEdison said that it will begin providing renewable energy to low-income customers in 2018 following PSC approval of a pilot plan to place solar pan...
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Michigan PSC Sets Process To Consider Distributed Generation Rules (Retail Suppliers Included)
The Michigan PSC, in Case No. U-18383, set a June 1 deadline for comments on establishing a distributed generation "program "as well as guidelines for...
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Renewable Devs Say NY Value Order Gives DG RECs To Utility, Allows EDC Use For RPS Compliance
The Coalition of On-Site Renewable Energy Users and Developers sought rehearing for the New York PSC's order setting the value for utility compens...
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ERCOT White Paper Makes Pitch For Greater Visibility Into Distributed Energy Resources, Growth
ERCOT released a white paper proposing steps to increase its visibility into distributed energy resources (DERs) to ensure reliable operation of the b...
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Texas PUC Approves Rules To Permit Non-Customers To Sign DG Interconnection Agreements
The Texas PUC adopted without substantive modification a proposal for adoption concerning the distributed generation interconnection rulemaking, which...
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Texas Staff File Draft Proposal For Adoption In DG Interconnection Rulemaking
Texas PUC Staff have filed a draft proposal for adoption concerning in the distributed generation interconnection rulemaking, which addresses the abil...
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Houston Chron Takes A Look At M-Trigen, Home Powerplant
The Houston Chronicle has published a feature on Houston-based M-Trigen and its PowerAire system which uses natural gas to provide residential and sma...
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Utility With Choice Installing "Home Powerplant" (Gas-Fired DG)
DTE Energy has installed a gas-fired distributed generation system, called PowerAire and offered by M-Trigen of Houston, Texas, at a home in the Trave...
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Texas Staff Propose Allowing Various Entities To Sign Distributed Generation IAs
Staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas have filed a draft proposal for publication (PFP) to amend the Pro-Forma Interconnection Agreement in ...
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Centrica To Acquire Energy Trader Specializing In Optimizing Distributed Generation Asset Management
Centrica plc has agreed to acquire Neas Energy A/S (Neas), a provider of energy management and revenue optimization services for decentralized third-p...
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