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National Fuel Gas Distribution Files Increase To Supply Rate
National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation has submitted to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission its quarterly adjustment to gas supply charges....
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San Diego Gas & Electric Proposing Central Entity Assume Procurement Duties For Default Service
The San Diego Union-Tribune has published an update on San Diego Gas & Electric's previously reported (see story here) efforts to cease procuring elec...
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PECO Prices To Compare Fall On Working Capital Changes
PECO's Prices To Compare recently changed due to implementation of a change in the working capital factor, resulting from PECO's recent rate case For...
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Pepco, Delmarva Post New Bypassable Transmission Rates, Changing Total SOS Cost
Pepco and Delmarva have filed with the Maryland PSC updates to their bypassable transmission rates, which are a component of the total SOS cost See t...
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SDG&E Floating Exit From Commodity Supplier Role
San Diego Gas & Electric has recently requested that California legislators reduce its role in buying power for its customers, eventually reducing...
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DTE Says Lower Natural Gas Costs Will Reduce Bills This Winter
DTE Energy said in a news release that customers will see lower bills this winter from lower gas costs and reductions from federal tax changes DTE En...
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PECO Files New Bypassable Transmission Rates, Will Change Price To Compare, Rate Increase For Rate R
PECO has filed new bypassable transmission rates (Transmission Service Charge), to be effective December 1. The TSCs are included as part of the Pr...
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NRG Files Exceptions To Pa. Recommended Decision Concerning Allocation Of Costs To PTC At PECO
NRG Energy has filed exceptions to a recommended decision issued by two Pennsylvania ALJs which would deny a proposal from NRG Energy to re-allocate a...
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Michigan Approves New Base GCR At Consumers Energy
The Michigan PSC in Case No. U-18411 issued an order authorizing Consumers Energy Company to implement a base gas cost recovery factor of $2.9429 pe...
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New York PSC Expects Flat Winter Electric Pricing, Natural Gas Prices Slightly Higher
The New York State Public Service Commission announced that the price of electricity this winter is expected to be about the same as last winter on a...
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PSC Approves Higher Bypassable SOS Admin. Charges at BGE
The Maryland PSC approved Baltimore Gas & Electric's update to the bypassable SOS Administrative Charge, to be effective with October 2018 bills The ...
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ICC Announces $318 Million In Credits To ComEd Customers From Return Of Transmission Costs
ComEd Bypassable PJM Services Charges Falling 43% The Illinois Commerce Commission announced that, due to recent FERC approval of a settlement agreem...
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Duquesne Light Default Service Rates To Fall On Interim Reduction In Transmission Rate
Duquesne Light filed at the Pa. PUC for approval of an interim decrease to its bypassable Transmission Service Charges ("TSC"), to become effective Oc...
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Utility Proposes Offering "Discounted" SOS TOU Rates For EV Customers, Green Add-On SOS Product
Pepco has filed a new transportation electrification program with the District of Columbia PSC, in which Pepco proposes, among other things, several n...
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CUB Warning: Beware Of Electric Rip-Offs
The following is a news release from the Illinois Citizens Utility Board, concerning a recent ICC report showing residential customers on competitive ...
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