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FERC Intends To Revoke MBR Rates Of Several Retail Suppliers
FERC issued a notice of intent to revoke the market-based rate authority of several power marketers, including several retail suppliers, for their all...
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PUC Launches New Web-Based Process For Suppliers, Brokers To Pay Assessments; Stresses Compliance
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has launched a new web-based process for regulated entities, including retail suppliers and brokers, to file t...
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Pa. PUC Denies Rehearing On Cancellation Of Two Broker Licenses, Stresses Compliance
The Pennsylvania PUC has denied rehearing sought in separate motions from two brokers who had their electric licenses cancelled due to what the PUC ha...
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Connecticut Issues Proposed Order On Retail Supplier RPS Compliance
The Connecticut PURA issued a proposed final decision on electric suppliers’ and electric distribution companies’ compliance with the Connecticut rene...
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PSC Proposes Changes To Retail Supplier Service Quality Rules
The District of Columbia PSC has proposed changes to its natural gas service quality standards, which include billing error notification and complianc...
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Regulator Issues Findings Related To Retail Suppliers’ RPS Compliance (Opportunity To Challenge)
The Connecticut PURA issued a notice of preliminary findings and determinations related to retail suppliers' RPS compliance for the year 2015 Retail ...
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Regulator To Hold Workshop On Diversity Requirements (Retail Suppliers Newly Implicated In Mandates)
The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) will hold on June 13 an annual policy session focusing on supplier diversity. Under state law, in addition ...
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ERCOT Posts 2016 Texas Renewable Content Calculator For Retail Provider EFLs
As required by PUCT Substantive Rule 25.476, Renewable and Green Energy Verification, ERCOT has posted the 2016 Texas Renewable Content Calculator on ...
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FERC Revokes MBR Authority Of Two Retail Suppliers, Other Power Marketers
FERC issued an order revoking the market-based rate authority of 10 power marketers as FERC said each company, "failed to file their delinquent E...
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Retail Supplier To Pay $1.1 Million In Class Action Telemarketing Settlement
Alpha Gas and Electric, LLC recently entered into a settlement under which it would pay $1.1 million under a class action settlement to resolve allega...
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Report: Unlicensed Sales Put Electricity Brokers In Spotlight
Following up on the previously reported complaint by Pennsylvania PUC investigatory Staff against Fair View Energy for allegedly brokering without a l...
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Retail Supplier Detail Problems With FERC’s Proposed Dragnet Market Reporting Rules
The Retail Energy Supply Association filed comments with FERC outlining problems with FERC's new proposed rules for greater reporting from RTO mar...
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New Jersey Issues Compliance Instructions to Retail Suppliers Relating To Environmental Disclosures
The New Jersey BPU has issued a notice to retail suppliers concerning the requirement to send environmental disclosure labels to customers See the BP...
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PUC Proposes To Cancel Dozen of Retail Supplier, Broker Licenses
The Pennsylvania PUC issued a tentative order proposing to cancel over a dozen retail supplier and broker licenses for each company's alleged failure ...
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Pa. PUC Issues Bond Increase/Renewal Warning Letters To Multiple Retail Suppliers, Brokers
The Pennsylvania PUC has issued letters informing retail suppliers of increased amounts required to be filed for security, as well as warning supplier...
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