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Texas Senate Committee Hears Support For Bill Which Would Regulate Brokers
The Texas Senate Business & Commerce Committee this morning heard testimony on SB 1497 As exclusively first reported by, S....
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Ofgem To Launch Review To Protect Retail Energy Customers Against Brokers
U.K. Regulator Ofgem is set to open a review of the retail energy market for small businesses, which will include a review of brokers, The Times repor...
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Final Texas Electric Scope Of Competition Report Filed
A final version of the Texas PUC Scope of Electric Competition report has been filed Language for the final report was previously agreed to by PUC Co...
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Australia Could Require ABCs To Base Recommendations On Best Price, Not Commercial Interests
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released a final report on retail electric market reforms that includes a recommendation for de...
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WSJ: Hotels Countering Shrinking Margins By Using Google To Limit Online Shopping Platforms’ Reach
The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board has published an editorial examining practices being undertaken by hotels to combat shrinking margins caused b...
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School District Weighs Changing Broker; Pitched That District Would Not Have To Pay "Broker Fee"
District 80 Schools, in the City of Mount Vernon, Illinois, is considering changing the broker used to procure electricity supply, as well as its supp...
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NYT Examines Tension Between Hotels, Booking Brokers -- Sound Familiar?
The New York Times has published a good read concerning the tensions between hotel owners and various online booking brokers and sales channels, such ...
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Report: Unlicensed Sales Put Electricity Brokers In Spotlight
Following up on the previously reported complaint by Pennsylvania PUC investigatory Staff against Fair View Energy for allegedly brokering without a l...
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Retail Energy CEO: Broker Fees In Excess of Supplier Margins "Unsustainable"; "Must Be Addressed"
In a blog post on the company's website detailing challenges to retail energy suppliers, GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA President and Chief Executive Of...
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TX Bill: REP Must Verify Broker’s Compliance w/ Consumer Protection Rules Prior to Paying Commission
A bill (HB 2563) has been filed with the Texas legislature that would require retail electric providers to verify that a broker, agent, or other entit...
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Brokers Silent on Proposed PUC Levy or Annual Fee on ABCs
No brokers have filed comments in opposition to a proposal from the Pennsylvania PUC to impose a new annual fee or assessment on electric generation s...
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ECM: Draft Contract Summary Statement Would Require Retail Suppliers to List Fee Paid to Broker today has a story about a Connecticut draft decision which would require retail suppliers to disclose, on residential contract...
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