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Report: Utility Knew Of EDI Problems Affecting Electric Supplier Payments
The Bangor Daily News reports, in covering Central Maine Power responses to a PUC inquiry concerning its billing system, that in January, CMP was awar...
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Illinois Bill Would Ban POR, UCB For Retail Suppliers, Except For Muni Aggregation Customers
An Illinois bill (HB5101) backed by the Citizens Utility Board and AARP would restrict the offering of utility consolidated billing, purchase of recei...
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Ohio Nunc Pro Tunc Order Corrects Rehearing Order On Retail Supplier Billing
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio issued a Nunc Pro Tunc order which serves to correct a recent rehearing order on retail supplier billing issue...
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Regulator Issues Order On Retail Supplier Billing, Directives Unclear; Also Rules On Resettlement
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio issued an order on rehearing concerning Duke Energy Ohio's electric security plan which included provisions ad...
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PUC Orders Audit Of Utility With Retail Choice Due To Complaints Of High Bills
The Maine PUC has voted to initiate a formal audit of Central Maine Power and its billing and part of its inquiry into over 1,000 complaints of high b...
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Maine Opens Investigation Into CMP Billing Issues, Complaints
The Maine PUC yesterday formally initiated a summary investigation into Central Maine Power Company (CMP or Company) metering, billing and customer c...
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State Sen. Says Retail Suppliers Placing Incorrect Rates On Bills, Seeks Investigation, Refunds
Connecticut State Sen. Len Suzio is seeking an investigation of Eversource (Connecticut Light & Power) after alleging incorrect rate information was i...
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Pepco Reports Billing Error That Led To Retail Suppliers Charging Customers For Incorrect Usage
Pepco reported to the District of Columbia PSC a billing error under which residential Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers with Third Party Suppliers,...
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Bill Requiring Retail Suppliers To Disclose Rate Is Higher Than SOS, Banning Auto-Renewals Advances
A Maine bill (LD 803 / SP 248) concerning retail electricity consumer protections, sponsored by Senate assistant minority leader Sen. Nate Libby, has ...
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PSC to Review Consumers Energy’s Estimated Billing Practices, Estimated Reads for Shopping Customers
The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) has opened an investigation into Consumers Energy Company’s estimated billing practices, and directed th...
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Texas TDU Erroneously Includes Late Fees on REP Delivery Service Bills Issued to Retail Providers
AEP Texas Central issued a market notice on December 23 that Late Payment Charges (LPCs) were applied to AEP Texas Central Company (TCC) energy delive...
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Utility With Retail Choice Unveils New Bill, With Supplier Logo
Dayton Power & Light officially unveiled a new bill for electricity customers Aside from including the logo of the customer's retail supplier, DP&L s...
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Power Marketer Files Complaint Over Fleeting RTO Invoice Dispute Timeline, Invoice Errors
Shell Energy North America (US), L.P. filed a complaint at FERC requesting that the Commission require the California Independent System Operator Corp...
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Utility With Retail Choice Launches Redesigned Bill
Consumers Energy said that it, "is providing a new, more streamlined bill for its customers, which is being sent by mail and email this week to househ...
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Billing Errors Inflate Bills For 2,000 National Grid Customers (Affecting ESCO Customers)
Over 2,000 National Grid (KeySpan) customers on Long Island have received bills for thousands of dollars in excess of what they owe, due to backoffice...
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