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Ohio Adopts Order Addressing Net Metering Compensation To Customers Of Retail Suppliers
PUCO adopted an order addressing net metering compensation for customers of competitive retail electric service (CRES) suppliers PUCO held that CRES ...
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Entergy Texas Seeks To Deploy Smart Meters To, "Enable Future Products And Services For Customers"
Entergy Texas, Inc. has applied at the Texas PUC to deploy smart meters through its territory "Technology advancements have also changed custo...
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Texas Bill Would Require No-Fee Smart Meter Opt-Out, Make TDUs Civilly Liable for AMS Privacy Breach
A bill (SB 1044) has been filed with the Texas legislature which would provide customers with a no-fee opt-out from advance meters, and also make TDUs...
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Daily Caller: Smart Meters: Energy In, Privacy Out
The Daily Caller is the latest publication to take a look at privacy fears stemming from deployment of smart meters. See the Daily Caller for the sto...
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For Some, Smart Meter Is Unwelcome Intrusion
WFAA-8, Dallas, reports on continued opposition to smart meters in Texas, speaking with Beth Biesel, described as a "privacy advocate." Data from AMI...
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Politico: Smart Grid Powers Up Privacy Worries
Politico takes a look at increasing privacy concerns from the collection and sharing of customer data from smart meters. See Politico for the story...
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