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Consultant In Ohio Grid Mod. Workgroup Recommends Utility Storage Pilots, Completion Of AMI Rollout
A consultant retained by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has posted a final Distribution System Planning Workgroup report, part of a grid mo...
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Proposed Illinois Order Would Deny Sought Process For Non-Suppliers To Access AMI Customer Data
A proposed order from an Illinois ALJ would deny a proposed warrant process for non-Retail Electric Supplier (RES) third-parties to access customer Ad...
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New York Utilities File Terms & Conditions For Green Button Connect My Data Access, Retain DSA
The New York joint utilities have filed with the New York PSC a report identifying Green Button Connect My Data (“GBC”) terms and conditio...
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Illinois Approves New Time Of Use Supply Rate Option For Non-shopping Residential Customers At ComEd
The Illinois Commerce Commission today approved, with modifications, Commonwealth Edison's proposed Rate RTOUPP – Residential Time of Use Pricing Pilo...
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ComEd Peak Time Rebate Program, Open To All Delivery Customers, Paid $4 Million To Customers
Commonwealth Edison said that, this summer, 300,000 customers were paid $4 million under its peak time rebate program (Peak Time Savings) Six Peak ...
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U.K. Proposes To Extend Deadline For Retail Suppliers To Install Smart Meters By Four Years, To 2023
The U.K government has issued for consultation a proposal under which the deadline for retail suppliers to install smart meters at customer premises w...
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Consultant Reports On Savings, Customer Behavior Under Dynamic Pricing Rates For SOS Customers
A consultant filed a report concerning National Grid's Smart Energy Solutions (SES) pilot in Massachusetts, which defaulted (on an opt-out basis) non-...
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C&I, Community Solar Provider Names Former Tesla Director As Chief Commercial Officer
Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC, a solar energy company specializing in the development of solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional cus...
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ConEd Selects Provider For Smart Home Rate Project
Following a competitive bid process, Consolidated Edison (ConEd) has selected Sunverge's intelligent energy storage system and dynamic Virtual Power ...
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NY PSC Energy Efficiency Order Addresses Third-Party Access To Green Button Connect (GBC) Data
In an order adopting 31 TBtu of additional site energy reduction by the state's utilities, the New York PSC addressed third-party access to Green Butt...
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Entergy Texas Moving Forward With Territory-Wide Advanced Meter Deployment
After receiving Texas PUC approval, Entergy Texas is moving forward with a territory-wide deployment of smart meters We take the opportunity here to ...
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PSE&G Proposes Smart Meter Installation, Files Proposal For Energy Storage, EVs, Efficiency
Public Service Electric and Gas Co. (PSE&G) said in a news release that, on Wednesday, it proposed a Clean Energy Future program (CEF) with the New J...
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Dominion Seeks To Install Smart Meters In Virginia, Develop Renewable Energy
In a series of filings prompted by recent legislation, Dominion Energy Virginia has filed at the State Corporation Commission to install advanced mete...
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Texas PUC Adopts Revised Order On Smart Meter Texas
The Texas PUC yesterday granted rehearing and adopted certain clarifications to its prior order on changes to Smart Meter Texas (SMT). The PUC adopte...
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Texas PUC Chair Walker Recommends Revisions To SMT Order Clarifying HAN Waiver
Texas PUC Chairman DeAnn Walker has recommended granting a motion for rehearing concerning the PUC's recent Smart Meter Texas order to clarify the wai...
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