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FERC Posts Staff Assessment of Demand Response and Advanced Metering
FERC has posted an annual Staff Assessment of Demand Response and Advanced Metering See the report here...
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Ohio Adopts Order Addressing Net Metering Compensation To Customers Of Retail Suppliers
PUCO adopted an order addressing net metering compensation for customers of competitive retail electric service (CRES) suppliers PUCO held that CRES ...
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Dynamic Energy Networks Forms Strategic Alliance With Schneider Electric and The Carlyle Group
The following is a news release from Dynamic Energy Networks. disclaims any responsibility for the content or data contained in th...
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Claim: Academic Says A California Experiment Could Shape Texas Electricity Rates
In a piece published in the Texas Monthly, Scott Vitter, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas at Austin, discusses California's mandatory move ...
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Direct Energy Testifies On Customer Data Access At U.S. House Hearing
Todd Sandford, Senior Vice President, North America Distributed Energy & Power at Direct Energy, provided testimony at a hearing held by the U.S. Hous...
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Entergy Texas Seeks To Deploy Smart Meters To, "Enable Future Products And Services For Customers"
Entergy Texas, Inc. has applied at the Texas PUC to deploy smart meters through its territory "Technology advancements have also changed custo...
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State Grid Modernization Report Discusses Dynamic Pricing For Default Service
A working group report on grid modernization in New Hampshire includes a discussion regarding dynamic pricing for electricity default service, as well...
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Illinois Opens Investigation For Third Party Warrant Process To Access AMI Data
The Illinois Commerce Commission has opened a proceeding to investigate a non-retail electric supplier third-party warrant process for access to custo...
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Retail Supplier Paid Customers Up To $250/MWh For Critical Peak Rebates This Summer
ENGIE Resources reported that, under its VRewards critical peak rebate program this summer, 144 customer sites were involved in the program. This su...
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Retail Supplier Sub. Launches Machine Learning Technology In New Device Analyzer
Panoramic Power, a Direct Energy company, announced the release of Device Analyzer, which the company described as a data-science approach to energy m...
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CenterPoint TDU Reports Increase In Smart Meter Opt-Outs
CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC (CEHE) reported to the Public Utility Commission of Texas that as of January 6, 2016, there were 92 ESIDs tha...
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Direct Energy Completes Acquisition Of Panoramic Power
Direct Energy, through its parent company Centrica, has completed the previously announced acquisition of Panoramic Power for $60 million Click here...
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ConEd Files Updated AMI Deployment Plan
Consolidated Edison filed an updated version of its advanced metering business case and deployment plan for electricity and natural gas There is no c...
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Second Workshop on Third-Party Access To Smart Meter Texas Data To Be Held
A second workshop to continue exploring potential ways for improving a customer-approved third party’s access to Smart Meter Texas data and in-home de...
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N.Y. Staff Whitepaper on Utility Rate Design, DER Compensation Proposes "Smart Home Rate", More TOU
New York PSC Staff have released a white paper regarding utility ratemaking design and distributed energy compensation under the REV proceeding. Cl...
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