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Retail Suppliers File Testimony Opposing AEP Ohio Solar PPAs
IGS Energy and Direct Energy have filed separate testimony with PUCO opposing AEP Ohio's proposal for 400 MWs of solar PPA (see details on AEP Ohio's ...
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Ohio Supreme Court Says PUC May Impose "Financial" Limitations On Shopping
In addressing appeals of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's order adopting an electric security plan at AEP Ohio (see story here), the Supreme ...
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AEP Ohio Files Updated Default Service Rates
AEP Ohio has filed new amounts for the Generation Energy (GENE) and Generation Capacity Riders (GENC) applicable to Standard Service Offer customers, ...
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Another Ohio Utility Offering Smart Home Product To Customers
AEP Ohio is rolling out a home energy management solution available to its residential customers. The app-based offering has been described as, "re...
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PUC OKs AEP Efficiency Plan, Includes Smart Thermostat Provisions Addressing Retail Supplier Concern
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has adopted an order setting funding and provisions for ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs at AEP Ohi...
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New Default Service Rates Posted For Ohio Electric Utilities
Ohio electric utilities have filed new default service rate components for the period beginning June 1, 2016 The updates include the base energy and ...
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Ohio Court Upholds Prior Capacity Charges at AEP Ohio, Remands Certain Transition Charge Issues
The Supreme Court of Ohio issued two decisions related to AEP Ohio's prior electric security plan, and upheld PUCO's design of capacity rates applicab...
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Industrial Group IEU-Ohio Reaches "Global Settlement" with AEP Ohio, Won’t Oppose PPA Pact
Industrial Energy Users-Ohio says that it has reached a "global settlement" with AEP Ohio concerning several regulatory and litigation matters, with o...
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Report: Next Dayton Power & Light ESP To Include Mechanism "Similar" To FirstEnergy, AEP PPAs
Dayton Power & Light's next electric security plan filing, due by August 1, 2016 for the period beginning June 1, 2017, is expected by the company to ...
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AEP Ohio, Dynegy Continue War of Words Over PPAs
AEP Ohio and Dynegy continue to trade barbs in the press concerning AEP Ohio's application for ratepayer-backed contracts between AEP Ohio utility...
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Ohio PUC Chair: "Stay the Course"; Blasts Resource Adequacy "Scare" Tactics
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Chairman Andre Porter has told Columbus Business First that the state should, "stay the course," on elec...
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Ohio Court: Utility May Withdraw Electric Security Plans When Modified Post-Approval
The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio erred when it changed the carrying charge related to a fuel cost deferra...
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Citing Rush, AEP Ohio Submits Updated Application for PPAs With Affiliate Generation
AEP Ohio has submitted an updated application for approval of PPAs between itself and affiliated generation, with products to be sold into the wholesa...
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Business Coalition Opposes Ratepayer Subsidization of AEP Generation
A dozen Ohio businesses have protested, in a letter to PUCO, AEP Ohio's proposed PPA rider which as most recently proposed would provide ratepayer sup...
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AEP: 11 Years Have "Proven" PJM Capacity Market Doesn’t Get Power Plants Built
Over ten years of experience with PJM's capacity market has "proven" that it cannot get new generation built in western PJM, AEP Ohio said in comments...
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