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Your Newest Retail Energy Supplier: Oink Energy
Promising "dead-simple energy," Oink Energy has debuted as the U.K.'s newest retail energy supplier. "The Oink Energy team aims to bring a refreshing...
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Retail Supplier Using "Customer Board" For Feedback, To Help Put Customers First
British Gas, an energy supplier owned by Centrica in the U.K., has implemented a "customer board" to receive feedback, improve its service a...
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Regulator to Make Suppliers Inform Customers of Lowest Offer Across Brands, Including White Labels
The U.K. Telegraph reports that Ofgem will propose ending an exemption provided to "white label" retail energy suppliers that exempts these ...
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Retail Supplier Using "Crowdfunding" to Support Renewable Development
Good Energy, the U.K. retail energy supplier, recently said that it was seeking to attract £1 million to invest in renewable energy projects via crowd...
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Al Gore’s Investment Fund Invests in Retail Supplier
Al Gore's investment fund, Generation Investment Management, has invested £8m in Ovo Energy, "one of the UK’s fastest growing new power suppliers," Th...
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Ameresco Acquires Energy Manager-Consulting Business of Energyexcel
Ameresco, Inc. announced today that it has acquired the energy consultancy and energy project management business of Energyexcel LLP, an independent e...
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Retail Supplier Partnering with Debt Counseling Provider to Offer Advice to Customers
Here's a new service offering from the U.K. market we felt was noteworthy. The U.K.'s Spark Energy (no affiliation with the U.S. Spark Energy) has pa...
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Gov't Report: People Who Claim To Worry About "Climate Change" Use More Electricity
Citing a new report prepared for the U.K. government, the Telegraph reports that, "People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity...
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U.K. Retail Supplier Offering Fuel Cell Bundle
U.K. retail energy suppliers Spark Energy (no relation to the U.S. Spark) has entered a partnership with Ceramic Fuel Cells to deploy BlueGEN, describ...
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Lesson for U.S.? UK Competition Review to Look at Shared Ownership of Generation, Retail Business
The U.K. regulator Ofgem has referred the energy market to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for a full investigation. Among other things...
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Retail Supplier Launches "Best Price" Guarantee
In the U.K. market, GDF SUEZ Energy UK said that it, "has become the first energy supplier to offer a best market price guarantee to its customer...
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Lesson for States? A "Bureaucratic Nightmare" Risks Stifling Innovation In Britain's Energy Market
Writing in City A.M., Stephen Littlechild, the UK electricity regulator between 1989 and 1998, warns that efforts from regulators to simplify energy s...
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Compare Energy Supplier Savings By Snapping a Pic of Your Bill With Mobile Phone
Here is something we personally have not seen yet in the U.S. -- driving customers to snap pictures of their bills with their mobile phones, and then ...
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Over There: 51% "Do Not Trust Energy Suppliers"
From the "It Could Be Worse Department", the Jersey Evening Post reports that, "More than half of Britons don't trust ene...
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Mayor to Become Electricity Supplier
The following is a press release from the Mayor of London, United Kingdom. disclaims any responsibility for the content of the relea...
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