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Illinois Default Service Capacity Procurement Selects Demand Response Provider As Winning Bidder
Voltus, Inc., a demand response provider, announced that it was among the two winning bidders for the recent Illinois Power Agency Midcontinent Indepe...
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ERCOT Uplifting To Market Amounts Related To ADR Refund
ERCOT issued a market notice informing QSEs representing LSEs of uplift invoices resulting from refunds granted under an Alternative Dispute Resolutio...
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Bloomberg: Why Energy Traders Got the Eclipse So Wrong
Bloomberg published a story looking at how human behavior that wasn't anticipated by traders (or their AI and algorithms) during the solar eclipse led...
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DMN Watchdog: Texas Electric Market Riddled With, "Deceivers, Manipulators And Violators"
Dave Lieber, The Dallas Morning News Watchdog, again took aim at REPs "manipulating" the Power to Choose site While Lieber's overall ...
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Load Group Opposes Oncor Rate Case Settlement For Failing To Allow Smaller Load To Elect 4CP Billing
Brasovan Energy's Electricity Users Coalition (BEEC) filed an objection to a stipulation in Oncor's rate case, as BEEC opposes tariff language that wo...
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New Texas Law Clarifies Miscellaneous Gross Receipts Obligation For Retail Providers
Recently adopted SB 559 in Texas has clarified what triggers the obligation of a retail electric provider to collect the miscellaneous gross receipts ...
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ERCOT Files Budget, Proposed System Administration Fee
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. (ERCOT) filed with the Texas PUC its 2018/2019 Biennial Budget and System Administration Fee submissio...
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Texas County Selects Retail Provider, Said To Highlight Trend Of Governments Leaving Aggregations
The Galveston County (Texas) Commissioners Court recently approved a six-year electricity supply agreement with TXU Energy to serve all county facilit...
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PJM Posts "Demand Response Strategy" Whitepaper, Addresses Compensation, Retail Contracts
PJM has issued a whitepaper entitled Demand Response Strategy (click here), outlining various issues with DR compensation in PJM's markets. In discus...
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Texas PUC OKs Settlement Increasing Rider Paid By Retail Providers At AEP Texas By 40-50%
The Texas PUC approved a settlement establishing new Distribution Cost Recovery Factors (DCRFs) at AEP Texas' Central and North divisions, effecti...
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Texas Appellate Court Dismisses Appeal Related To REP Pass-Throughs, Demand Charge, Rate Class
The Texas Sixth Court of Appeals has dismissed an appeal related to a complaint case which had implicated retail electric providers' obligations to c...
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Direct Energy Business: What To Know About The New Balancing Congestion Charge In PJM
Direct Energy Business published a blog post about balancing congestion charges which are newly being assigned to load serving entities in PJM, due to...
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Solar Developer Launches Solar Block/Index Power Purchasing Strategy, Aimed At Retail Choice States
7X Energy, Inc., a developer of utility-scale solar, announced the availability of "SolarBlocks," which it described as the first block-and-index powe...
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State Grid Modernization Report Discusses Dynamic Pricing For Default Service
A working group report on grid modernization in New Hampshire includes a discussion regarding dynamic pricing for electricity default service, as well...
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Chron: CenterPoint Project Aims To Bring Congestion Relief To Power, Prices
The Houston Chronicle has an update on the start of construction of CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric's Houston import project, which is expecte...
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