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New York Municipality To Explore Muni Aggregation -- Official Says "No Risk Involved"
Saratoga Springs, NY, is exploring an opt-out municipal electricity aggregation, via the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance (see background here), pe...
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Municipal Aggregation Awards Contract For 100 MW PPA
Recurrent Energy and Peninsula Clean Energy ("PCE") today announced a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement ("PPA") for 100 megawatts of new solar power. ...
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Texas City Earns $3,500 From Electric Aggregation
The Dallas Morning News ran a story concerning the City of Fate, Texas' opt-in muni electric aggregation (previously reported by
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53% SOS Rate Hike Prompts Call For Easing Rules For Opt-Out Muni Aggregations (0 Launched To Date)
An editorial in the Johnston (RI) Sunrise has called for easing requirements for the implementation of opt-out municipal electricity aggregations, in ...
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Texas City Re-opens Enrollment for Opt-In Muni Aggregation
The City of Fate, Texas (population 8,800) has re-opened enrollment for its opt-in municipal electricity aggregation A reverse auction will be held o...
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Report Examines Exit Fees for California Choice Customers
A report by the Center for Climate Protection examines the supply procurement practices of the California IOUs and attendant exit fees on customers d...
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Customer Rates at Eversource (MA) $50 Million Higher As A Result Of Muni Aggregation
The Boston Globe reports on municipal opt-out aggregation in Massachusetts, with some 100 municipalities now active The Globe reports that Eversour...
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Poster Promoting NY Muni Aggregation Promised, "No More Energy Telemarketers Or Door To Door Sales"
Posters promoting municipal electricity aggregations in Oneonta and Horseheads, New York listed under "potential benefits" of the municipal aggregatio...
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Multi-Village Muni Aggregation Returning Customers To SOS, Village Warns Customers of Retail Offers
The Northern Illinois Governmental Electric Aggregation is returning municipal aggregation customers to ComEd default service, including customers in ...
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Official: Municipal Aggregation Will "Gamble" With Customers’ Rate
The President of a Village with an opt-out municipal electric aggregation has conceded that the aggregation amounts to a, "gamble", with the...
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Mayor of State’s Second Largest City Seeks Authorization To Implement Opt-Out Municipal Aggregation
The mayor of the City of Worcester, MA has sought authorization from the City Council to implement an opt-out municipal electricity aggregation, the W...
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Ohio Bill Would Prevent PUC From Approving, In MRO, "Any" Provision "Adverse" To Muni Aggregation
A newly filed bill in the Ohio House of Representatives (H. B. No. 247) which requires the use of a "market rate offer" to procure and price...
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San Jose Approves Municipal Aggregation, Requires $55 Million For Start-up
The City of San Jose has approved the creation of an opt-out municipal aggregation (community choice aggregation), with the San Jose Mercury News rep...
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Texas City Selects Retail Provider For Opt-In Aggregation
The City of Fate, Texas has selected Discount Power (of Texas) to supply an opt-in municipal aggregation program According to a website for the agg...
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Calif. PUC Staff Releases Energy Choice White Paper Ahead Of En Banc Hearing
Staff of the California PUC have released a white paper on energy choice in the state ahead of a joint PUC-California Energy Commission en banc hearin...
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