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New England: Next 4 Years Of Electricity Costs Looking Bleak (Capacity Costs)
The Manchester, NH Union Leader looks at ominous increases in New England capacity costs in the future See the Union Leader for the story...
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ISO-NE Files to Terminate Peak Energy Rent (Capacity Market Clawback)
ISO New England filed at FERC to terminate, effective June 1, 2019, the current peak energy rent mechanism, which functions as a clawback of capacity ...
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Generators Point to This Winter's Low Prices As Auguring Against Regulated Infrastructure Investment
Merchant generators in New England are pointing to this winter's relative calm pricing as auguring against significant infrastructure investment by re...
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ISO-NE Selects NU-National Grid Transmission Project to Address Boston Reliability
ISO New England has selected the Eversource Energy (formerly Northeast Utilities) and National Grid alternating current (AC) transmission proposal as ...
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Exelon Generation to Develop Peaker in Massachusetts
Exelon Generation announced that it will add 195 megawatts (MW) of fast-starting electric generation capacity in Massachusetts, with two new generatio...
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Generators Want to Eliminate Clawback in Capacity Market; Energy Market Participation Subsidized
The New England Power Generators Association has filed a complaint at FERC to ultimately eliminate the Peak Energy Rent (PER) Adjustment in the ISO Ne...
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"Market": Generators Seek to Raise Capacity Prices Through Complaint at FERC
Exelon and Calpine have filed a complaint at FERC to further raise capacity prices in the ISO New England Forward Capacity Auction Exelon and Calpi...
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Generators File Complaint to Disqualify Demand Response From ISO-NE Capacity Auction
The New England Power Generators Association has filed a complaint at FERC to disqualify Demand Response Capacity Resources from participating as supp...
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Calpine Completes Purchase Exelon Power Plant in New England
Calpine Corporation has completed the acquisition of a natural gas-fired, combined-cycle power plant located in North Weymouth, Massachusetts, 12 mile...
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ISO New England Cites "Deteriorating Resource Performance" in Announcing 2014 Regional System Plan
ISO New England has issued its 2014 Regional System Plan, which provides information on electric power system needs; system improvements; and the resu...
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U.S. Senators Urge FERC to "Fundamentally Reexamine" Whether ISO-NE's Capacity Market Is Effective
Fifteen U.S. Senators and Representatives, including Senators Edward Markey, Elizabeth Warren, Jack Reed, and Sheldon Whitehouse, have signed a letter...
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Steep Increase in Electricity Rates Predicted for N.H. Customers reports on actions New Hampshire customers are taking in the face of higher electric rates expected this winter. While PSNH has ...
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Spectra Energy and Northeast Utilities Announce New England Energy "Reliability Solution"
Spectra Energy Corp, Spectra Energy Partners, and Northeast Utilities announced details of the Access Northeast project, which they said is designed t...
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Spectator: Get Ready For The New England Power Shortage
Writing in The American Spectator, William Tucker reviews the current capacity issues facing New England, and says, "Another cold winter is certain to...
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ISO-NE Again Needs Winter "Reliability" Program; Costs Again To Be Allocated to Real-Time Load
ISO New England said that it requires another winter reliability program to keep the lights on during the 2014-15 winter, despite the billions paid to...
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